Chippy Paint finish with DIY Paint
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DIY paint, you can use any color combo here’s what I suggest for a similar look.

Old’57Carnival Red, Fancy Farm Girl, Bead Board, Layered Chocolate, Queen Bee, Summer Crush, and Hey Sailor

old chair, pallet wood or any wood surface you would like to paint on.


putty knife

Palm Sander and or Sand paper

Clear Liquid Patina

This project was a doozy, it took Bobby and I about two weeks to create this chair, film, and edit the video.

Ever since laying my eyes on all the beautiful furniture made out of recycled boat wood I’ve experimenting with DIY paint, trying to get the look of an old weathered boat.

Here’s the video showing how I did it… get your spatula ready!

how to create chippy paint

I have several tips that were not included in the video if you would like to try this look you will definitely want to keep a few things in mind.

1 The very first layer I painted on using a brush, I recommend  Layered Chocolate because I wanted the pallet wood to look like old distressed hardwood I let that dry overnight so that it would cure and not be as easy to chip away.

Fancy Farm Girl DIY Paint

2. Use thin coats of thick paint. DIY Paint will thicken very easily by simply pouring some out and exposing it to the air, when you open a new can of DIY paint, there is usually a thick layer that collects on the lid, just scrape it off and use it in your project.  I had several cans of old paint with just a little bit left at the bottom, there was one container that was very thick because the lid was not put back on tight, it was a thick as frosting and perfect for this. Put the layers on in thin coats as you will be adding several colors and you don’t want to get too much paint on your boards.

3. The last layer of paint is the magic layer!! I say this because when you apply a new layer of paint it reactivates the layers that are underneath, so you want each layer to dry completely until you get to the very last layer then let that dry about 90{5e62096f11cd115efe5b7844d56c8a16bfa9fa0d3c0285231e5ea9c5a6d2e2c2}, you will feel that it’s cold to the touch, this is the perfect time to start chipping with the putty knife as it will be easy to expose all the beautiful layers of color on your project. If you don’t let each layer of paint dry completely, they will blend together and create an entirely different look (like tie-dye).

4. Why the spatula? because you want uneven coverage without brush marks. This really helps create an authentic look,  You don’t want each layer of paint to cover the entire board, and the lack of brush marks will add to the…, “I’m an old boat out at sea for 100 years, Ive been painted and repainted, banged up and pushed around”  look.

5. Use the sander with caution, I alternated chipping with a putty knife and using my sander however I used the sander primarily to remove large areas of paint and then I went back with the putty knife again and rechipped. The chipping is what makes it look wonderful but it’s a fine line between chips so chippy that they may flake off and the perfect amount of chipping  that you need to make it look like magic. If you sand too much it will look like a distressed piece but it won’t look “boaty”. 

5. DIY paint will get the job done right.  I have not attempted to achieve this look with any other paint brands however most paint has laytex in it (even most other chalk type brands) the laytex will  interfere with getting this done easily. When you sand paint that has latex and it balls up like a cheap sweater  or it will rip a hole in your project that looks like a wound, ( imagine a balloon or a rubber glove with a hole in it ) and when you attempt to chip  it stretches like rubber.

DIY paint is really soft and pliable until it has cured completely it’s easy to manipulate it dries quickly and most importantly it has zero laytex,  chemicals or VOC’s which allows you to do so many things with it that you cannot do with other brands of paint.

I put together a boat wood paint kit, for all of you who may be skeptical or curious or just not ready to invest in a full quart of paint. BTW on quart painted the entire front of my shop, a little really does go a long way! (see photo below.)

This kit includes ALL the products I used in my video in 1 ounce taste test sizes, that’s seven colors of CeCe Caldwell paint, a 5 x 7 frame, wood pieces sandpaper endurance and complete instructions and more!  You can re-create this awesome boat wood finish for yourself and see why I’m so excited about this paint.

 Chippy Paint boat wood finish kit

One more thing this kit is just 38$ If you were buy all of these items separately in regular sample sizes the cost would be over 100$ the paint included in the kit is enough to complete the frame with lots left over. you will be amazed at how far one ounce of paint will go, I kid you not!

If you want to try DIY Paint but just want the paint, and finishes you can order my  starter kit for just 30$

click here to shop.


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 Next week I’m  going to do a Q &A video, if you have questions for me about paint or anything else, please leave them in the comments, I will try to answer as many as possble on camera next week!

Have a creative week everyone!

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Chippy Paint finish with DIY Paint


 how to create a Chippy Paint finish with DIY Paint




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