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Hello, I’m Debi!

I’m so glad you’re here!  I hope you will find lots of inspiration as well as answers to your DIY questions.

If you’re curious, I wanted to share a little bit about me and my creative journey …

While I was in college, I began making and selling my hand-made designs at weekend craft sales. From there I  started selling my work to hundreds of other stores across the country it was exciting but… making the same thing over and over again loses its romance pretty fast.   After tying thousands of gold bows and glittering a million christmas ornaments, packing hundreds of boxes to send out the shops that ordered my concoctions, I decided  it was time to open my own store… a store full of hand-made and re-purposed treasures…. and that was fun for a while but really challenging, having your own store is sort of like being a single mom to ten kids.

_store front bike sdmag

I loved it and I hated it and there was something else that kept eating away at me, I was ignoring a  big dream.

I had a secret desire to share my ideas on camera. I didn’t tell ANYONE about it for years because I was very shy, introverted and sometimes downright anti-social. I thought if  dare say it out loud, people might laugh or roll their eyes when I wasn’t looking!


Years went by, and the dream ate away at me… it made me kind of miserable and depressed because I wasn’t taking action.

Finally I forced my body kicking and screaming into an on-camera acting class… I almost ran out on the first day, but the teacher was excellent and he took the time to help me find  confidence.

Over time I discovered how to bring out the non-shy side of my personality and let her free,

She’s a little crazy because she’s was locked up for a long time…

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.28.23 PM

I personally think she’s entertaining, maybe you will too… I’m speaking in the third person because she is truly just one side of my personality.

Often when someone new comes to the store they will say something like, “wow your so different in person” or “I was expecting you to be more like how you are in your videos”

I have to say, I love the introverted side of me as much as the crazy girl. I’m a book worm,  and my favorite thing to do is spend quite hours working away and pondering life.  Most of the time I’m hiding in my office editing or out in the studio painting but whether I’m working alone or in front of the camera, my focus is to inspire you to create and take action on your dream(s) what ever they may be.


I  truly hope this is a happy place for you, and that you return often!

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