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There’s A funny story that I didn’t get to tell in the video about this project.  Often people ask me how I come up with ideas, most of the time I rack my brain until something floats to the surface, but this time it was literally crafty divine intervention.

The Rainbow loom flip-flops were a huge success last month and I wanted to come up with another fun idea using the Rainbow Loom while thinking outside the box.

flip flops
I was sitting at my worktable looking at Rainbow Loom, YouTube videos for inspiration , I had a pile of rubber bands next to me that I had been working on.

I took off my glasses to rub my eyes, when I put them back on it felt like there was an eyelash caught in my eye… I kept trying to brush it away but it persisted…

I took off my glasses again to discover that one of the rubber bands had looped itself around the arm of my glasses and was dangling from the corner.

this time I guess you could say that the idea literally smacked me on the head, or it was crafty Manna from Heaven!  After this happened, i said, ” God are you trying to tell me something?” Then I began experimenting with ways to wrap rainbow loom brackets around my shades.

I attempted to shove bracelets onto my sunglasses,  that didn’t work. I thought about gluing them on, or wiring them on…  then I realized that I could use the same process to make a Rainbow Loom pencil grip for my sunglasses… and that’s how it happened!                       

My nieces Elle and Emma star in this weeks video and they are so adorbs! If you enjoy watching them, please give them a shoutout in the comments!

Making this project is super easy! On a rainbow loom scale of 1-10, (10 being the most difficult) I would say this project is a 2.5

The supplies you will need

-approx 300 bands for each pair of glasses

-Rainbow loom

– 1 pair of sunglasses

-time, about 30 minutes.


Her are some of the pictures  of the flip flops you all sent  me! Amazing work  from Piper Jayde!

And Terribo 53053!
More from Piper Jayde!
 I’m giving away the three pairs of sunglasses shown in this video!

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I will announce the winner on May 15 !

If you make a pair of Rainbow Loom sunglasses, please send me a photo with the #Debi’s Design Diary you can send pics via  Instagram or Facebook!

Wishing you a super creative day!

xoxo Debi

My sister Danielle with her beautiful girls, Elle and Emma!

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