flip flop fishtail
 I go to Michael’s Craft Store about once a week, I like to cruise the aisles for inspiration it’s a form of relaxation for me, kind of a inspirational field trip, I pick things up, touch them, carry things around in my basket and contemplate new crafty recipes … sometimes for hours.

The Rainbow Loom display is right at the front door, and it looks like a crafty candy store, delicious bins of colorful rubber bands dance around and call out to me, “Debi what about us? …don’t you want to make something with the Rainbow Loom?  Just think of all the possibilities? Put us in your basket!”

I tell myself,  NO Debi, you are too old for the Rainbow loom, your friendship braclet making days are long over, just keep walking, you’re here to buy paint brushes. remember?…


I subscribe to an wonderful channel on youtube called Socraftastic, Sarah is the darling host who has a playlist of Rainbow loom videos, and she makes the most colorful and tempting bracelets!

Last week I finally broke down and bought a Rainbow Loom.

I came back to my studio, opened the box, read the instructions and began watching tutorials on YouTube. I was shocked at how complex some of these bracelet designs can be,  I attempted to make a flower design, it was a total fail, then I tried to create a bow and that too was way beyond my skill level, I was frustrated and ready to throw my loom out the window, BUT I was on a mission to master this thing because the idea for rainbow loom flip-flops had popped into my head while I was taking a shower a few months before, and I just knew they would be super cute if I could only execute my design.

I can’t tell you how many designs live in my head that never get to be a reality because I can’t figure out how to make them function in real life.

I had invested my $14 and come hell or high water I was going to learn how to make these bracelets!

I spent days in my craft room with the door locked knee-deep in rubber bands, muttering to myself until I finally hammered it out!

I created the simple bow design that I show in my video, simply because I could not master all the other bow tutorials on YouTube, so I came up with my own concoction using a simple fishtail stitch, and yes, I did get a little sassy that 9 year old girls can totally rock the rainbow loom while I wrestle with it.

I am so excited about these flip flops! The video posted last night and it already has 5X’s the views that I normally get on the first day!

Tomorrow I’m going to wear my flip flops to Michael’s, casually hover around the Rainbow Loom display and hand out my business cards to the kids! I don’t know… Michael’s management may not appreciate that but they did send me a message today asking if they can post my video to their Pinterest board! How exciting is that?

I put together an awesome giveaway, you can enter to win all the supplies to make your own rainbow loom flip-flops! Yes I will even include a pair of flip flops from the dollar store in your size!

loom giveaway

To enter the giveaway click the link here,

Enter to win a DIY rainbow loom flip flop kit!

I have a few more ideas looming in my head, let me know if you would like to see more rainbow loom videos?

Next week I have a really fun furniture video that I am just as excited about 🙂



flips for gawker #2

PS. If you make your own pair of rainbow loom flip-flops please share a photo with me on Instagram and use the hashtag,  #fishtail flip flops I would love to see yours!

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