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i’m pretty sure I’ve been obsessed with books since I was in first grade…

I walked into the kitchen telling myself that this time I might break her down, I handed the order form to my mom trying to act casual, as if checking off 12 boxes on the page was perfectly acceptable .

She scanned my second grade penmanship and said,”Debi, just two…”

“but Mom!!!!”

“Debi, space them out you can get two more next month”

“please Mom… two is not enough, I really need to have ALL of these, and a month takes forever!  All the other kids get to order a bunch of books!

My argument never worked, two books a month from the scholastic reading program is what our family budget allowed but at seven years old I didn’t understand budgets or restraint, I just wanted to read as many of the shiny colorful books in the catalog as possible.

I have been thinking about my love of  books a lot lately, some people say that reading books in on the decline even among avid book enthusiast! The book store in my neighborhood just closed last week and  sadly I have not read a single book in the last two years.

This weeks video is a DIY tribute to my long lost love of books, it’s for book worms everywhere!


For most of my 40+ years there has always been a book on my night stand, in my bag, or plastered to my eyeballs as I walked down the street…
but all of that changed a few years ago, the last book I finished was in 2012… making youtube videos  has been time consuming, I typically shut down my computer at midnight and my eyes are too strained after that to read.

I was telling a friend how much I missed reading and she suggested audiobooks, for some reason I thought you had to buy dvd’s or have a special device to listen to them but  I was wrong, you simply download and listen on your phone.

I finished one of my first audio books last week, Creativity Inc. The story of Pixar  an inside look into Disney Studios, the making the first computer animated film and the sub plot of how Steve Jobs saved Pixar from extinction. This book was a whirl wind ride, a great true story and an  adventure full of inspiration and insight!  With in minutes I was lost in another world mesmerized by the creative genius behind Pixar  and vowed to never stray away  from reading again.

I wear my little book stack necklace as a reminder of my commitment to books. I created a kit with everything you need to make your own pendant. You can buy all of the supplies at a craft store or you can purchase the kit I put together here. I’m  so excited about my new kit, it comes  packaged in a pretty box, complete with instructions all the fun little supplies as well as a link to my video. I  put my kits together with a lot of love because I want the presentation to be just as beautiful as the  completed craft. I design them with the hope that they will not only be something you want to make but also a beautiful gift for a creative person in your life.

book kit
 Here is a link to the book I just finished, Creativity Inc. you can listen to it for free with my link Audible has over 150,000 books to choose from and they are offering a free trial membership! I’m so excited about audiobooks I decided to listen to Creativity inc. a second time and then download another.

It’s funny, I was talking to my mom yesterday, telling her how excited I was, and how I could hardly wait to download another book.. she looked at me in the way that only a mom can and said, “Debi don’t go overboard, you have a very busy schedule”

Some things never change 🙂

Please leave  recommendations for your favorite books in the comments, I have a lot of catching up to do!

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