It feels like I’ve been planning this for a life time because I’m taking everything I’ve learned in 20 years and organizing it into one amazing weekend just for you!

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 I’m beyond excited and a little nervous because this is going to be BIG! ( but also small)…
DIY Bootcamp
I want you to stretch out of your comfort zone, so you when you go back home you will have confidence to put what you’ve learned into action.

My store in Solana Beach will be turned into Bootcamp head quarters, I’m closing shop for two days, when it opens again on Sunday it will be transformed into an amazing outdoor Flea Market extrvaganza!

This is the hard part, I only have room for 24, we’re going to cover a lot and there will be tons of hands on and some one on one, because of the limited space we are opening camp up to DIY retailers only, if all the spots sell we can put your name on a wait list or if only a few spaces sell we will consider letting your employees or assistants attend.

If you’re interested in becoming a regional trainer, I hope you can make it, I’m looking for passionate teachers to help me host small group training in other locations.

Due to the time and planning involved it’s very possible bootcamp will only happen one time, but there will be more training in other locations coming soon.

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You should know that this is not a vacation, it will be work, with no time for going to the beach, we will give you challenges, tasks to complete and it’s a competition… the prize is good! You’ll have tons of support and you will be working in teams of six. I believe we learn best from each other, we want you to share your expertise and teach with us!
This is the best part!  My  shop has a built in outdoor flea market, with several vendor spaces, on the last day of camp we will put on a, open-to-the public, Flea Market Event , each team will set up a booth, sell furniture,  run the paint bar and teach a real class. You get to keep the money you earn from your sales, and part of the camp fee goes toward shopping money.. oh yes did I tell you will be junk hunting on the first day? Disclaimer day one begins at 6AM… it’s bootcamp for real!
Each team will earn points as they complete challenges, you will find out which team you’re on before you come to camp, as you will start some of the tasks before you arrive. Your team will be promoting the Flea Market and earning credit for the customers who show up from your marketing efforts.
I know you want to know what the prize is… I didn’t forget 🙂 there will be certified DIY Retailer aprons and I survived DIY Bootcamp T-shirts, a fun dinner and lots of coffee for all campers!  The winning team will get to take over my Facebook page and Youtube channel for week ! You will get the opportunity to promote your business and share your expertise to over 65K subscribers!  Bootcamp will give you the tools to help you to take full advantage of this exposure and build your own platform in the process!

 CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT ( this link will go live June 30th  noon PST)

Almost forgot… I’ll be filming the event, interviewing each of you, and editing the weekend into a fun video for my Youtube channel.

You probably have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or post your Q’s on our Facebook Group page, I’ll answer them before registration opens on Tuesday.

I hope you can make it!

Remember, DIY because you can…



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