Wedding Cake Dresser Makeover

An Anthropologie-Knock-Off-Attempt and my “Addiction-to-Sugar” Story 


cake dresser thumb 1

This original idea of making a dresser look like a wedding cake was conceived from my life-long addiction to sugar. However, I was initially inspired by a $1400 Anthropologie piece, which had beautiful floral designs carved into the wood of the dresser. I absolutely loved it but did not want to pay $1400! (Click HERE to see the original Anthropologie inspiration).

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My brain began thinking of ideas on how I could do this on my own and I instantly came up with this idea of using paper clay and IOD moulds to create a similar piece, but with a “sweet spin” and I have my OLD sugar & frosting addictions to thank for this fabulous wedding cake design.

WM cake dresser full angle

To hear this personal sugar-addiction story, how I eat now, as well as more detailed step-by-step instructions, you’ll have to watch my YouTube VIDEO by clicking HERE.

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For this project I used the following supplies:


white swan





Aileens or Wood Glue

Painter’s Tape

Water Bottle


Here’s the piece I found at a local consignment shop.

cake dresser before WM

I covered the entire piece with “White Swan” DIY Paint, using our new DIY paintbrushes. After letting the paint dry, I created the look of frosting by using Paper Clay and eight different moulds from Iron Orchid Designs. (Click HERE to see all designs that we carry). Attach these moulds, before they completely dry and still manipulative, to the dresser using a wood glue and hold in place using Painters Tape.

TIPs: Let the moulds completely dry before covering with one more layer of DIY Paint and then seal with DIY Clear/Dark Wax.

Note: Click HERE to see the video tutorial for tips on using the wax, so it doesn’t go on too dark.

cake dresser tease

The dark wax is used in the low spots of the detail and the clear wax is used to lift up the excess dark wax and brighten up the high spots.

cake dresser top corner WM


wm cake dresser bottom corner WM

WM cake dresser half

I hope this inspires you to create your own “sweet” piece!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever had a sugar addiction and how you overcame them.

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