My, the weeks are flying by!
Here’s the latest Weekly Round-Up with some of my favorite crafters putting new ideas out there for us all to try.
Which will you try this week?

Kathy Cano-Murillo aka The Crafty Chica ( )
shows how to make your own Chalk-Finsh paint and demos creating this colorful table

If edible crafts are one of your weaknesses, be sure to check out this
Valentine Conversation Heart Wreath by Dollar Store Crafts
Heather Mann (   )

Next, Cathy Attix ( ) was inspired by a purse she saw in a magazine and made one all her own.  If you love neon and are looking for a new handy clutch, be sure to see how easy it is to make this cute purse.

Check out Mark Montano’s  ( ) latest inspiration to upcycle a sweater.  I’m pretty impressed that he can sketch an octopus upside down. Of course, you can sketch your design from what ever angle  you choose!

One of the sweetest gifts we can give each other is more positive affirmations.  Margot Potter (  )  makes it easy to wear or share positive affirmations with this metal stamped beaded necklace  jewelry project.

If you’re ready to change up some pillows around your home to bring in a little brightness, here’s a colorful idea from Cathy Filian (  )

Did you have a chance to see my Sailor’s Seashell Valentine video?   If not, click the link below.

Let me know which DIY project inspired you the most this week and how you might personalize your own take on these ideas.  I love hearing from you!

Hope you have a fabulous week.


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