What a blessing and a super fun experience to be featured in Fifi O’neil’s fabulous magazine.
I went to Von’s today and bought three copies, the checker looked at me a said “are you in this magazine?”
YES! I replied with a super big all teeth smile!
A few months ago Sunday Hendrickson came out to produce a story on our monthly flea market, it was so exciting to meet her  and see the pictures come to life. The entire process of being published is exciting, from speaking with Fifi, to being interviewed by Kimberly McCole to seeing the joy in the eyes of all the hardworking artists as their work was photographed by Sunday Hendrickson.
 Many of my amazing Mermaid vendors are featured in the article, including Deb Hodge  of http://breathingbesideus.blogspot.com/, Marie Vollaire, Holly Stinnett, of http://hollylovesart.blogspot.com/  Melissa Robinson and Linda Scheitman.
here are some tidbits from the issue but you will want to get  your own copy as this issue is packed full of magnificent articles including dreamy Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa and the one and only Tracy Porter.
not to mention the pages and pages of Halloween and Holiday ideas!
We love you Fifi!
all of the mermaids say…
thank you, thank you, thank you!
We are busy getting ready for our next Flea Market on Sept 25TH and 26TH
It will be a great weekend filled to the brim with vintage and handmade goods Galore!
We have got some of the dreamiest handbags that I have ever seen, perfect for Fall and so beautifully handcrafted.
Stay tuned… photos of some of the merch, info on our talented artists and a giveaway to say prayers for!
hope to see ya all in one week!

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