Ok so I told you that we have some very special guest vendors this month. One of these guests is none other than Joy Bayer, also known as Auntie Joy!
Joy Bayer
Joy is an amazing jewelry artist! I am so in love with the “Believe” necklace, pictured above. It’s just the perfect thing to wear as I wait for Oprah’s phone call.
Joy is also an expert in hunting down vintage goods! Here are some shots of her space at Farm Chicks, a few weeks ago.
I wonder if she sold that thingy with all the cubbies? I love those! What were they tool bins? Mail slots? what ever it once was, it is perfect for holding craft supplies like glitter crowns and pretty little paper mache birds. I hope she is bringing that with her to sell. If I were you, I would plan to arrive when we open at 10 am because goodies like this never last long! Don’t be surprised if I buy all the best stuff for myself (yeah … I wish….).
As promised, I want to tell you how we got Cindy, Joy and Terri to come all the way down here from the Pacific Northwest to sell their magnificent wares at the Mermaid’s Mercantile.
Well, it all started with Deb Hodge. Now we all know and love Deb, she is one of the most talented women I have ever met, If you are wondering who creates all of our beautiful flyers and emails, that would be Deb. Deb is good friends with artist Terri Brush
Terri Brush
Deb has been raving about Terri for weeks -about her soldering classes, her wonderful paper clay art and how she is the best teacher anywhere! Deb told me that Terri would be in San Diego to teach a soldering workshop and that it was a rare opportunity to learn from her.  Deb and Terri were emailing back and forth as Terri’s workshop was starting to fill up and Deb  mentioned the Mermaid’s Mercantile would be the same weekend as her workshop.
 All of a sudden Terri got an idea. She thought it would be fun to bring her friends Joy and Cindy along, and did we have room for all three of them to sell their goodies at our event? Well, hmmm, let me think… uh YES!  I thought to myself, I will make room even if I have to display some of the goods up on the roof! (If you have been to my shop, you know that I am not kidding.) So, then we all decided that we would be fools if we didn’t make Terri’s workshop part of this weekend’s Mermaid Mercantile. We found Terri a classroom to teach her three day workshop right next door to our event. Yes, that is correct, you can shop and learn from the one and only Terri Brush all in one fabulous weekend! Terri may have one or two spaces left, email her and see if there is room, her classes begin on Friday!
Come meet Terri, Joy and Cindy this Saturday and Sunday! Trust me, you won’t want to miss this!
I have a few more giveaways coming and a sneek peek… The Mermaids are on the cover of Today’s Vintage magazine! It hits the newsstands on Friday!
But that will have to wait untill tomorrow!

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