Hello, Claire here, and today I’m especially amped on the DIY kits we’ve been putting together for y’all.

Needless to say, the kits are brilliant: they conveniently and stylishly combine everything you need to make some of Debi’s best creations.

Sea urchin cupcake kit

sea urchin cupcake kit

lace sugar skull

Me, modelling the Lace Sugar Skull Tee

I love the crafts, and this makes it so easier than ever to DIY. The kits alone make great gifts too!

DIY shell flower

Seashell Flower Pendant



First, you have Debi’s video tutorial on YouTube, and her blog goes into more detail about each project. Each kit comes with clear instructions (written by yours truly), and we offer workshops here for a hands on lesson, and now we’re taking the support one step further.

In addition to the videos, blog, the classes we offer here, and written instructions, we are working on creating a new exclusive facebook page you’ll be invited to join when you purchase a kit! The page will be a forum dedicated to answering questions regarding paint and processes and what-have-you. It will allow us to communicate directly, and every member can share pictures, experiences, and tips to grow together creatively.

Not only are we packaging an entire lifestyle, but we’re going to make sure you rock it! So many more no-hassle kits to come.

Starting with a doozey of a new release! The Epic Starter Kit! Have you seen it?

Are you gonna D.I.Y.?

What kit do you wish we would release next?


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