It has taken me three days to recover from last Sunday’s Mercantile…  for so many reasons it was a day to remember.   It seemed like it was raining down blessings. Here is a little story about blessing #1.
 Like so many of you I have a passion for glossy magazines and the dreamy stories inside them, some of my favorites through the years are Country Living,  Home Companion, Where Women Create, and Romantic Country Homes.
These are just a few, I am a fool for magazines, I can’t throw any of them out and refer back to them over and over again…. What is my point you ask? Well you know when you open up a new issue to something totally amazing and it just takes your breath away… you may even go so far to cut the pretty page out and post it somewhere for inspiration, or you may just look at it untill you have memorized every detail.
Well every time I discover an article that makes my heart race, I began to notice a common factor,  the name of the stylist is always the same,  just about every time… hmmm ….I began to wonder who this woman was, and how she created her magic…. then one day, I opened a new issue of Home Companion and there she is…. the face behind the name, in her totally darling  green and blue office smiling back at me, I read about her… this woman who can style like no other, and has created beautiful articles for so many magazines…. she is referred to as the Devine Art director at Large, and she is… she truly is.
 After I finshed reading, I said to myself, I would really like to meet this woman some day….( maybe someday…. maybe on a Sunday.)
The years passed by and her name was always there attached to some of my fave magazines, and then recently, there she was again…. featured in  the thick glossy pages of  ‘Where women Create’ a wonderful piece on her creative genius. Again I hoped…. maybe someday…
A short time later, one of my vendors suggested that I contact
Fifi O’Neill the Editor-in-Chief of Romantic Country Homes, to see if she might want to do a story about the Mermaid’s Mercantile.
The following week I sent Fifi an email and a link to our blog. Exactly, approximately, about, 5 minutes later my phone rings, and IT’S FIFI!  I am standing in my living room, still in my PJ’s looking at her picture attached to editors letter and listening to her beautiful french accent come through my cell phone…. she is calling from her pale pink cottage in Florida you all have seen it on her blog
Fifi is telling me that she would like to send her stylist/photographer out to our next Mermaid Mercantile for her magazine!
Holy Batman, can this be real?  and then….. she says,   she will pass my info to to her west coast stylist and to expect a call from Sunday Hendrickson….. Sunday Hendrickson, the Divine Art Director at Large!  Right about this time, I think I cried, then I jumped around,  then I said a thank you to God, then I called everybody, put out an APB to all of the mermaids AND  then, I worked really hard, along with the tireless help of  Rachel Luna her hero of a husband Pete and so many others who helped make my store look better than it had ever looked, ever, ever before.
So last Sunday I finally met Sunday!
and there is a lot more to tell…
and I have to annouce the winners of the the give-away’s too!
but it is 11pm and my eyes are burning, so now I give you the words,
to be continued….
stay tuned, there’s lots more to share and many more photos to show you!

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