_MG_0026 sea urchin cupcake small
Two years ago I uploaded my first video tutorial to my Youtube Channel,

Sea Urchin cupcakes…

To celebrate I put together a Sea Urchin Cupcake kit with all the supplies needed to make your own!

_MG_0032 sea urchin kit

Here it is…. the very first video I ever  made…

Can you see the improvement over the last two years?

I’d never edited or filmed myself before…

it seemed like I was talking really slow…. lol always room to improve!


I  added a bunch of beautiful seashells to the online shop too!

seashell collage

so you can make pretty things like this…

_MG_0056 seashell orn thumb big

If you are near San Diego, we just uploaded the class schedule for November and December,

there are so many exciting classes coming up I hope you can join us!

Visit our class schedule here,

some of our classes include,

DIY chalkboard/ sign painting Dec 7th


Sea shell ornaments nov 23rd

Furniture painting 101 Dec 14th

Sea Urchin CupcakesNov 29th

Textured clay paint finish… Dec 13th


This was a new piece from Homegoods, one of my students transformed it, believe it or not this technique is pretty easy to achieve!

Check the scedule for a complete list of classes cost and descriptions ,

Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season!



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