Here are some beautiful photos that Claire Brocato sent me today. Claire is a local photographer that was hired by Stampington publications to shoot the Mermaid’s Mercantile last week
It was a beautiful day!  The blue and yellow dress sat on top of the Arbor in front of my shop, All week long I was racking my brain… trying to figure out what to put on the arbor…. It is hard to get anything to grow on it because it sits on concrete and the flower boxes get root bound. The night before our big event Rita Reade, Tricia Samsal and Tricia’s mom, Jeanne  stayed at my house.  We all collaberated on this idea, it’s started with Rita, then Tricia did most of the work (well almost all of it and she burnt her finger on my hot glue gun too!) I was so happy with  the result and Rita named her Bellisima! I added the yellow and blue netting that morning and Lisa showed up with the parasol! It was like the scene in cinderella where the birds make her dress! Dreamy!  The colors matched the colors of the store!!! It was a  total  happy accident!

I was inspired to make Marie de La Mer after watching Marie Antoinette about 20 times… love all of the eye candy in that film!  My version of Marie sits on a green cake plate and a pink seahorse is swiming under her dress.
My seahorse and seashell covered chandelier are currently for sale in my shop along with Marie! They all can be shipped using a special freight carrier. If you are interested please email me or call the store 858 755 7630.
 People often ask about my chandeliers, they are the most labor intennsive of all the shell pieces I create, I can actually make three seahorses in the same amount of time and this Seahorse is 2 feet tall!
I now have my own camera and am going to try to post more and show some of my designs here.
Comments do inspire me to keep posting. The computer and I are trying to get along… it’s is a big learning process for me!
hope you enjoyed!

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