This video tutorial was challenging, but I am very happy with the results! We are having an excellent giveaway too! Two quarts of CeCe Caldwell paint (your choice) one container of Satin Finish and one container of Divinity Crackle! See details on how to enter at the end of this post.

I used five products for this tutorial, a quart of CeCe Caldwell’s Vermont Slate, approximately 3/4 quart of Traverse City Cherry, and 1/4 quart of a quart of Vintage White. I also used some Divinty Crackle and CeCe’s new Satin Finish!

I used the word approximate because I didn’t measure exactly…
I started with the Red and just kept adding the white until it was the color I wanted.
Here are some answers to the questions I have been getting about this project,
Does the fabric feel hard or scratchy?
 No, It feels like aged and cracked leather, like an old Bomber jacket and it gives when you sit on it because this paint is chalky and soft, there is no latex in it so it does not have a hard quality to it.
Does the fabric crack or rip?
Well I took this sofa to my house for a test drive and all seems to be well, I used the crackle on this because I wanted that effect, I would think that if you do get any cracks where you don’t want them, you could easily add a bit more paint in that spot.
Does the color come off on your clothes?
No, the Satin finish works as a sealer.
I wouldn’t recommend waxing fabric, but I did wax the frame and loved the results!
Can you paint on leather or velvet?
I don’t know… the fabric on this sofa was a heavy cotton/rayon blend.
If anyone has tried other types of fabric please let me know!





Here are some tips that I didn’t include in the video,
Use a darker color for your first coat if you are going to crackle.
I don’t like to use painters tape, instead I used a tiny paint brush to get the areas close to the frame and to get into the pin tucked areas of the sofa. I’m sure painters tape works, it just makes me crazy!
The satin finish really brought this to life, and gave this the leather effect that I was going for, without it the fabric had a really flat look.









The trickiest part of this job was getting enough  of the pink paint on without messing up the crackle,
it’s important to wait for the crackle to dry completely and then put a heavy coat of your second color on. If you go back over where you have already painted it will mess up the crackle effect. If you want to add more paint in areas where there wasn’t enough coverage, do it after the paint has dried.








And now here’s how to enter the giveaway…
Three things or maybe just one!
#1 You have to be a subscriber to my Youtube channel.
#2 You need to ‘Like’ the CeCe Caldwell Facebook page
( most of you already have these two covered)
#3 Share the video, you can share it anyway you would like to,
here are a few suggestions, email it to a friend, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
or put a link on your blog!
then let me know in a comment  which way you decided to share it and you are entered!
( you can comment here, on Facebook or Youtube)
I will announce the winner here and on my Facebook page on July 31st.



One more thing,
I have a new website and will be selling CeCe Caldwell paint online!
I also carry the paint at my store, House Vintage in Solana Beach.
The website is almost done,
I can’t wait to share it with you!
I have been told it will be done in a few weeks!
If you need paint now, call me at the store…
858 755 7630
Well it’s 1AM, I’d better get to sleep…
good night,











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