Our next Mermaid Mercantile is going to be on Dec 12TH and 13TH
here are some more pics from last month!
Sandra Lee’s booth… dreamy outdoor wonderland full of birds and vintage tresures!
she makes her own garden bricks! I want one that says,  ‘Mermaid’
Deb and Dyanna’s magnificent scarves, pillows and bottles,
 all made by hand with crystals and wonderful embellishments.
What is better than a shimmering chandelier pillow?
Linda Wattles finds tresures to repaint and repurpose she is the Queen of giving old relics a new life!
You will find some beautiful basic white pieces for your home in her booth BUT you will also find great color!
 Linda likes to say ‘beige is not a color’
 and I have to agree with her.
Darlah won’t sell her tiny dress forms, (I can’t blame her) they are perfect for diplaying her fantastic jewelry.
 I really would like to get my hands on one of those forms and doll it up though! wouldn’t a tiny vintage prom dress on one of those be great!
Linda Morrow’s mosaics and vintage finds. I love the fish!
Hand felted nativity by Marion Buzzbee.
 Marion and Nicky Glade share a booth and make all kinds of felted mermaids, seahorses and other goodies.
my seashell crown with butterflies and vintage jewels.
Be sure to come see us on the 12TH and 13TH we are making all kinds of new must have gifts and goodies to give and keep!

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