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Sailors Valentine Box

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For this project you will need:

*A recycled heart-shaped chocolate box (I found mine at the 99cent store)

*Shells in various shapes and sizes

*Vintage jewelry from estate or garage sales

*Chrystal Chain

*Tile adhesive


*Hot Glue Gun

Seashell Flower
We will begin this project by making several of these beautiful seashell flowers from another video and Blog post where I illustrate making Seashell Flowers for a Necklace.

I’ve included the video link below and you can also click here to see the blog post for more detailed step-by-step instructions.

You can also purchase the DIY Seashell Necklace KIT, where I’ve packaged everything you need together with instructions on making these beautiful flower necklaces.

Seashell Flower 1
Begin by laying down a piece of felt and applying a nickel-sized dab of hot glue down. Begin arranging your pink shell petals from large to small, starting from the outside, in a circular motion, gradually using the smaller shells as you rotate inward towards the center.
Seashell Flower 2
After it dries, cut out the felt now glued to the flower. The felt will hold everything together and keep it laying flat, whether you use on a surface or as a necklace. Set these aside for later.
Sailors Valentine Box 1
Now, lay out your project box lid and all the shells. Begin spreading your adhesive on the lid of the box. I chose tile adhesive because it dries slow enough to play around with the arrangement of the shells, and it looks like frosting.
Sailors Valentine Box 3
Outline the heart with your Rhinestone chain around the perimeter and then begin placing your small white shells along the inside of the chain, gently pressing into the adhesive.
Sailors Valentine Box 4
Next, begin to use various sizes of shells and place them artistically on the adhesive layer of your Valentines Box. This is where your box will look as unique as you are. There is no pattern, just begin placing the larger shells first and work your way down to the small ones.
Sailors Valentine Box 5
The first layer of shells and pearls are pressed gently into the adhesive. Let your imagination run with it.
Sailors Valentine Box 6
Use pearls, rhinestones and vintage jewelry to fill in on all the nooks and cranny’s. I like to find old jewelry from estate and garage sales. For this part I will use either tacky glue or e6000 and a tooth pick for the smaller areas.
Sailors Valentine Box 7
Sailors Valentine Box 9
You can fill your box with candy, chocolate or do what I did, and fill it with seashells. This makes a beautiful gift or just a great place to keep momentos.
Sailors Valentine Box 8
I hope you have fun making this project and I hope you have a great and happy Valentines Day, whether you are single or you share it with someone special.
how to make a sailors valentine with a dollar store candy box

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