Round UP


This Round Up is filled with magically charming DIY ideas to choose from — in case the little leprechaun within you is just waiting for some mischievously creative ideas for the week.

Cathy Filian shows us how to make some charming beads to celebrate the “bit of Irish” in all of us!

You know I can’t resist a pom pom or tassel.  Margot Potter shows us how to accentuate our “charm” with a beautiful beaded bracelet that not only includes a charm but a tassel too.

Cathy Attix transforms an XL T-shirt into a girl’s skirt that is oh, so darling…

Do you love those plastic animals that kids have a hard time resisting? Heather Mann’s easy tutorial shows us how to transform those plastic creatures… so they’ll not only sit around looking cute, but hold a photo too.

Watch Mark Montano create a whimsical chair.  Following his steps, we can do it too.  He used a $5 thrift store chair.  Wonderland is within our reach!

In case you missed my $7 poster & thrift store dresser makeover, here’s the link to my project.

Which of these projects are you most inspired by?  Leave a comment below to let me know. I love hearing from YOU!


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