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Yesterday was a beautiful blurr… we had our Moulin themed Mermaid Mercantile to welcome Kim Caldwell (AKA alchemist of all things amazing and magical) and a bus load of wonderful ladies who made the trek down from LA in the rain to shop our event.
I had been preparing for this event, working into the wee hours and getting just a few hours of sleep all last week. By Sunday morning everything was perfectly placed, pretty and stocked full of vintage goodness. All 20 of my creative genius, vendors had been creating up a storm, literally.

 The weather report called for rain……, wind, hail…, radiation plume…. yikes!
 In spite of this I was determined to carry on with the show, accuweather said no rain untill 7pm Sunday night.
One by one all 20 of my vendors called me, “what about the rain Debi?” are we still going on with the event?
Kim Caldwell called asking if we we planning to hold our outdoor event rain or shine? Her group still wanted to come even in the rain…
I had a conversation with God, my Mom and myself.  I gave myself a pep talk, my Mom gave me a pep talk… “Debi carry on, have faith, better to be ready for the best than to give up in the last hour. No matter what happens, you will know that you gave it your all.”
I am not one to give up easily and neither are my vendors…
All of my artists showed up Sunday morning set up their spaces under the ominus clouds, and created vintage magic. Their tents were sparkling, the garden was a wonderland of beauty and chatter. I have to say,  I love these women, beyond words…. they amaze me every month with the work of their hands and all the wonderful ‘vintage pretty’ that they proudly display. Each lady has her own special touch. Every time we set set up for our show, I walk through the garden, my heart races, the beauty is indescribable, a colorful quilt of creativity and individual personality. I have held the Mermaid’s Mercantile for two years now. I have been blessed to get to know these women and have honor to showcase their talent. They inspire me, humble me and have caused me to refine and perfect my own work.  In the next few months I am going to post on each of my Vendors so that you all can see them all through my eyes.
Tonight as I type at my computer, I am a tired girl, recovering from the storm and filled with gratitude.
The wind and the customers showed up Sunday morning, then the bus pulled up…. I stood waiting to welcome  these ladies as they stepped off the bus,  I was dazzled by each of them , creative sisters, a sea of stylish clothes,  amazing handmade jewelry, pony tails and pink hair. I felt like I was five years old again and it was my bithday party! With the wonder of 2011 technology I had gotten to know some of these women  vicariously through their blogs, I had ooohhhed and awwed over their creative handiwork and gotten a peak inside their magical lives. I was super excited to meet them in person!
I wanted to chat with them and tell them how much I enjoyed what they had posted in blogland, but there was no time for that, they started shopping immediately, these ladies were serious vintage shoppers, discriminating, savvy and ready to bargain.
In a matter of minutes the line behind my cash register was all the way to the back of my store, they purchased every petticoat, vintage box and train case in the place. I sold things that were tucked away hiding in corners and drawers that I forgot I had! Some of my best treasures have found new homes. These women came and went like a whirlwind leaving behind an empty looking store that looked as if it had been completely picked over shaken upside down.
 As they prepared to go, Kim let me board the magic bus to say goodbye, she gave me her microphone and I thanked them all for coming, but what I wanted to say was, “you like me, you really really like me!”
As I write this post I would like to say thank you again to all my customers, I thank the lord there are people out there like you who appreciate handmade work. In our current economic climate it is more challenging than ever to make a living as an artist.  It has been 14 years since I opened my shop, by the grace of God and several miracles my doors are still open. I am blessed to have my efforts supported, and I am honored to share that blessing with the women who make the Mermaid’s Mercantile what it is.
I have lots of photos to post from our event, which will come later in the week. If you attended on Sunday, please email your photos so I can post them. (debidot@yahoo.com)
Our next event is planned for May 15th, I ordered lots of Sunshine and flowers, hope to see you then!

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