Happy November everyone! As most of you know, The Mermaid’s Mercantile wouln’t exist without the artistic creations of our many “Mermaids”. Each and every amazing Mermaid has a story of the circumstances which led them to create their own special brand of art. For this reason, I will be featuring guest bloggers, so you can get to know the Mermaids and understand the love that goes into their work and where it all came from. Because, to know a Mermaid is to love a Mermaid. So without further ado, I give you, Kimberly Allison!


There is a 5th dimension beyond which is known to man. It is a dimension filled with beads, buttons and thrift store finds. It is the middle ground between creativity and insanity, humor and madness. It is the dimension between imagination, celebration and regurgitation. It is an area we call the Kimberly Zone.

Hmmm… Maybe a better description is in order.

My name is Kimberly Allison. I am the owner, artist and madness behind Lume di Luna Designs. I have a specific disorder known to many artists as AADD: Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder. Simply put, I am a multi-media artist. I work in ceramic, lampwork glass, soldering, fine beadwork, fiber and soft sculpture as well as many other media. In other words, I want to do it all.

Art is my drug of choice. In my case, it is a life-saver. After the birth of my 3rd son, I fell into the deep pit of Postpartum Depression. I was encouraged to follow art as a part of my therapy. For nearly 20 years, I had placed it in a category of “I’ll do it after all my work is finished”. As a mom of 3 boys, my work has NEVER been finished! But I slowly started to wade out into the waters of artistic expression. Then, I began to swim. I have never looked back.

I approach my day like an Olympic runner. I wake and begin a slow, methodical stretch of my mind by indulging in a cup of coffee and catching up on my e-mail. Then I begin to sprint: Sewing, felting, beading, supervising homework and mediating brotherly disagreements. I fall into my bed at night totally exhausted and spent only to be awakened by my Muse’s call as she hands me ideas wrapped with a celestial sledgehammer at 2 in the morning.

The past year has brought many changes to my work. But, the biggest by far has been a marked effort to start working “Green”. I have always been the type of person who hates to throw away an object that might prove useful someday. The down-side is a tsunami of clutter that takes over my work area. But, all great art requires sacrifice! I find it odd that after the technology of the 20th century, we started to abandon the old ways of “use and re-use”. We became a disposable society. In this sense, it’s time to turn back the clock.

My latest creations are inspired by this idea. Borrowing the practicality of previous eras, along with the dark silliness of today, I have created what I call “Habromaniacs”. The clinical definition of Habromania is “Insanity through morbid cheerfulness.” I take felted cashmere sweaters, vintage fabric and buttons and “green” wool roving (that I have prepared myself) to make wild monsters with tons of attitude. My menagerie can be seen at my varied shows, in addition to “Art and Soul” in Encinitas, and the Oceanside Museum of Art. In 2011, they will appear in “Stuffed” magazine as well.

One of my favorite venues is The Mermaid’s Mercantile. I simply love the creative and inspiring atmosphere. So many art shows have taken on the rabid feel of a Used Car Tent Sale. The “Mermaid” remains upbeat and serene. Everyone is a phenomenal artist within their own right, with so much creativity to share. It’s almost a sisterhood.

In the Mermaid Sisterhood, I am the family oddball. Given a box full of wool socks, vintage buttons, glue, grout and a potato; I would put on a Marilyn Manson CD, ignore the grout, glue the potato to the wall, and make monsters from the socks and buttons.

What else could be expected in The Kimberly Zone?

***Editor’s note – Kimberly did not mention this, but each and every one of her fabulous stuffed creatures has their own story to tell. Just pick one up and ask her. She’ll tell you.

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