Hello Every one!
I have BIG news!
Thanks to all of the nominations from YOU, readers and viewers Youtube selected me as one of four to compete for a feature on the Youtube Home page!
That is a huge, huge deal and would really help get more exposure to my videos!
I have until Tuesday Feb 19th to get as many votes as possible!

The Competition is super close! right now i’m leading by 1% so EVERY vote is needed!
To vote for me just click on this link and check the blue box next to my user name which is SheSellsSeaShellscom, (not Debi Beard)
once you check the box there no confirmation other than the vote count changing, a lot of people have been confused by this and think they haven’t voted but they have!
VOTE HERE for Debi!
don’t let the vote count fool you, youtube is looking at percentage of votes to the amount of subscribers each channel has, the are big channels and little channels.
Youtube is also looking at other factors like, creativity, memorability, and viewer interaction.

Here is my newest video that Youtube posted on their blog! i would love it if you would watch, vote and help sprad the word!

Here’s the link to Youtube’s blog, you can go check out the competiton and find out more about the contestThe Youtube blog post click here!

Thanks so much!
When the winner is announced later this month i will let you all know!
A big big thank you to all of you who voted to nominated me a few months ago to get into the competitionQ

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