I have a lot of big dreams, but the one that keeps knocking on my heart is the desire to help other creative people share their work through video!

In the near future I would like to host a DIY camp,  a summer camp so to speak, a place where you can come and learn how to create art along side learning tech. There will be workshops on video creating, photography, social media, as well as furniture painting classes, and crafting!

Navigating technology and social media is a challenge for me, I’m subscribed to  Marie Forleo because she’s a great resource for the tech savvy wanna-be like myself and her videos are crazy good! I have to say it looks like Marie is pretty much the most productive woman on the planet.  She’s also the creator of        B-School, which an extensive course that walks you through how to create an stellar brand and become an online marketing pro.

This year I entered her scholarship contest because I’m going to need some mad skills to get DIY Camp started and make it everything I want it to be.

I also want to give you more videos.

My biggest struggle is balancing everything on my plate and still finding time to make video every week. If  B-School can help me create more efficiently that would be priceless for me, because sharing creativity through video is the thing I love to do more than anything else!

If you would like to help me get the scholarship, simply watch my video entry and share it with a friend.. oh and a thumbs up would totally be awesome too if you enjoy watching it!

I’m also sharing a second video about my video making process and how I shift from my natural introvert mode into on-camera mode. If you have any questions about creating video or B-School please let me know in the comments.

Is technology an obstacle for you? What would you do if it you had mad tech skills?

Thanks for your help! Marie announces the winners on Friday, If I get it I will be sure to shout it out!



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