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polymer clay and paint cake shoes



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  • Here’s a list of supplies used to make this project and links to purchase on Amazon.
  • Plain Flats – you can use just about any shoe, I was looking for a tan plain shoe to represent the cake portion of this design.
  • Pink Puffy fabric paint– the puffy factor will give the appearance of frosting, I recommend a  flexible fabric paint to avoid cracking.
  • polymer clay assorted colors
  • clay extruder tool I didn’t have one of these when I made my shoes, it will save lots of time. Rolling the clay into tiny strands and then making minuscule bits… hours especially if your obsessive about getting the clay to look exactly like sprinkles. i did a side by side comparison, thats how I roll..                                                                              
  • My birthday was last Sunday and as a reformed sugar-a-holic I try to avoid looking at sweet things, especially all the beautiful photos on Pinterest of glorious cakes, cookies, and sprinkles, The creative side of me is mesmerized by the pastel colors and the artfully crafted baked goods but the sugar junkie side can’t take it, If I look too long I could end up at the grocery store with a tub of icing. Just a tub of icing, I almost never bake. There were days when I would dip marshmallow peeps in the frosting tub and that would be dinner. Those days are over now, after a lot of dental work and forcing myself to watch a few documentaries about what sugar does to the body I gave it up. I still wanted to find a way to celebrate all the things that I love about pretty confectionary and honor memories of past birthdays spent with my grandma decorating cakes and cookies. Each year my grandmother made a fluffy angel food cake for me with pink frosting and sprinkles.
  •  This year I went to the health food store and bought an organic cake mix, I added  whipped cream and berries to the top… most of the time I eat vegan, no sugar and raw organic food so this was kind of a big deal. I wanted to make my own cake so I could use organic ingredients. I was hoping to make angel food cake but my mom said it was a very advanced recipe for someone with limited baking experience. I never knew that angel food cake was advanced? I assumed it was easy, it comes in a box and you add egg whites?
  • SIDE NOTE… the asterisks are not intentional, for some reason every time I hit the return button my computer ads an asterisk ******** it’s driving me NUTS!!!!!
  • Anyway, I invited everybody over for dessert at six, but the cake took over and hour to bake even though the box said 20 minutes! I pulled the cake out after the timer went off and let it cool, ( I even gave it the toothpick test and it came out clean) when I cut  up the cake to serve, it was not cooked in the middle so we all stood around in the kitchen waiting for the cake to bake! This is probably why I haven’t baked in 10 years, or maybe I don’t bake because I just don’t enjoy it . I think it took so long because I substituted the oil and I used one pan instead of two… because I only had one pan. Around 8PM everybody had a slice of birthday cake and it tasted pretty good, thank goodness… but I think I’ll stick to crafts and DIY!
  •  Here is the video on how to make your shoes look like cake, much, much easier than baking!
  • another thought about baking and why i don’t like it, you go to all that work and then it is eaten, gone, nothing to show for it. With crafts you can show it off for years to come. I guess it’s all about me?
  •  I hope not .
  • And here’s one more asterisk for the road, hope you enjoy the video!


  • how to make cake shoes

Let me know what your favorite birthday cake is!… and if you decideto make some frosting  shoes please post a photo on my FB page!


birthday cake shoes


Wishing you a creative day!



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