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Before we get into it, this question is super important, it’s something I ask myself every day…

How do you know when to give up and move on and when to persist?

My goal is to make a new video every week, most of the time that doesn’t work out, this one took over a month, why? well the project failed twice and I procrastinate. The truth is I  have a lot on my plate BUT the thing I want to do more than anything…  make more videos, to do that I need plan, focus and perhaps try projects that are easier to complete. So my question is how do I solve this problem? I would love your tips, honest feedback, wisdom is in a multitude of counselors so I’m hoping you will help me out and leave your comments below. Thanks!

Now back to this groovy DIY…

When I saw Jo Nagasaka’s work on Pinterest, my mouth hit the floor…I  searched google trying to find a tutorial, there were clues but no instructions on how to get this look. I went to the hardware store and showed the photo’s to the guy in the lumber department, he suggested sandblasting the wood. That sounded kind of scary so I decided to try a wire brush bit, it looks like a scrub brush.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.32.07 PM

after several fails, this is what I discovered,

*use a plug in drill or you will burn up your motor.

*pick wood that has a tight wavy grain or it will look mediocre.

*start with a dark color of paint for the first layer and use the color you want to see the most last.

I stated with Hey Sailor, then added Mermaid and finally Fancy Farm Girl. of course it;s a lot easier if you use a chalk type paint like DIY Paint as it’s super easy to distress with water, as I mention in the video dry sanding will create a scratchy surface.

sample jars

*pick a project that is small like coasters or the top of a bar stool, grinding the wood down can take time, my original plan was to make a long bench or a farm table, I purchased a big slab of plywood, it’s still out in the workshop.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.03.36 PM

*A friend suggested trying a grinder ( made for grinding concrete) I’ve never used one, he said to use it on something like pine as it might blast right through the plywood.


Here’s the video…

I created a Wood Grain board on Pinterest, filled with lot’s of beautiful wood grain inspired DIY, I hope you check it out…it’s groovy 🙂

groovy grain

I’m so excited to say that you can find my new paint in the US and Canada, here’s a link to our map of retailers, If you have one near you I would love it if you went in, said Hi and told them I sent you!


Thanks for watching, see you next week!





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