bling out your Flippy Flops!

Hi Everybody, I am so excited to post this first entry on my new website! I am setting a goal to post to this blog once a week. I hope that this will be a place of inspiration for all who love design and DIY! If you are new to this site, Welcome, please comment and share your ideas with me.

 If you have been keeping up with me though Facebook and Youtube, thanks for dropping by!

 I have been super excited all week because I have been making a video for ThreadBanger! If you are not familiar with ThreadBanger it is one of the BEST DIY youtube channels on Youtube! I created this video for them using tiny magnets to doll up your shoes!

The magnets are super awesome to use for many things! My super talented friend Deb Hodge of suggested that I try a using magnets in my video tutorial. Deb’s work is breathtaking and she has the most amazing craft kit club that I have ever seen!

I am selling these magnets here in my online shop along with many other goodies that I used in this video!

 I started by gathering a pile of supplies from my craft room that I thought I might want to use and then I just went to town! The doll heads were one of my favorite, I am always so inspired by Lisa Loria’s work she is the one who started the whole doll head trend and her work is magnificent, you can find her at Lisa

The google eye magnets I thought would be excellent for Halloween! It might be fun to take apart the eyes and paint the whites of the eyeballs with glow in the dark paint!

Here I used a pair of false eyelashes and glittered them with the head of a pin and Mod Podge!

These are tiny ballet dancers that are uses for cake decorating, I glued them onto a brass finding and added rhinestones and velvet. I left the ring at the top so that you can easily remove the flip flop charm use it as a pendant.

Here are a few tips that I discovered along the way,

if you are using rubber flip flops, it really helps if you sand the spot down where you want to glue the magnet or use a tiny piece of felt, as shown in my video.

For some reason I kept glueing the magnets on the wrong way, check and double check that the magnets will like each other and stick together!

These magnets are very strong, however if you plan to be dancing , playing soccer or rough housing you may want to remove them and put them in your purse until after you calm down, the magets can fly off if you are doing the can-can or something like that!

I hope you enjoyed my first post and come back for more creative fun with me!



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