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quilt chair CG #5
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Here’s a list of products used to make this projects and links to purchase.

Hexagon paper cutter

Black oil based Sharpie

Scrapbook paper assortment  i used what I had in my stash but this link will take you to some that looks like vintage fabric prints.

sponge brush

Clear patina, this amazing product is a fantastic decoupage medium, a top coat, a sealer, a glazing gel and a transfer gel in one!

DIY paint Fancy Farm Girl

DIY Paint Queen Bee

painting rags

I  filmed an entirely different project last week, but it didn’t turn out as awesome as I had imagined, so I scrapped it and went to work on this chair. I haven’t given up on the other project/problem child we’re going to film it again… it’s going to be good…. eventually!

quilt chair for gawker

I’m thankful that this idea worked well without too many hiccups and ended up like what I had pictured inside my head. Often it’s a slow progression of trip and error until it looks the way i’d hoped.

quilt chair thumb #2

This little chair was fairly simple to make and a great project for the little bits and pieces of scrap paper you may laying around your craft room!   I have a hard time throwing out little bits of pretty  things, it’s the other side of seeing potential where others see trash. I have baggies full of paper bits they have sat in a drawer for years along with many other random pieces that I can’t toss.

I was happy to use some of the hoarded stash, however once I got going I realized that I didn’t have any yellow paper… and this chair would be so much better with a little bit of yellow. I stopped work drove to the craft store and  ended up purchasing about 20 more sheets of scrapbook paper to add to my drawer that is already filled.  Is there a craft hoaxers support group I can join?

The chair was a 5$ yard sale gem, I loved the shape of this sweet chair so much that I started work on it right away.


I’m also excited to share how to rub the paint back with a damp cloth, this is so much easier than using sand paper, see the yellow (Queen Bee) peeking through. It’s great for detailed areas  and seems to look more authentic, as paint in many cases will rub away, instead of scratch off.


DIY Paint is highly pigmented I was curious to see exactly how far just 2 ounces of Fancy Farm Girl would go… pictured below is a 32 ounce quart … it’s very possible you could paint 16 chairs with this! All totaled 2 ounces of Fancy Farm girl and two ounces of Queen bee =’s  about $4 in paint.

Fancy Farm Girl DIY Paint

See how I covered the entire chair including the seat hiding under  the scrapbook paper with 2 ounces of each color.


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Next I would like to try a table next and attempt a wedding ring pattern, this chair was curved so I needed to over lap the paper, this prevented me from creating a repeating design howevert a flat surface would allow more options.

How to decoupage a quilt pattern with scrapbook paper

marquee collage
This is one of our newest colors, this pretty table was 20$ at my local thrift shop + three ounces of DIY paint and some liquid patina.


Youtube thumb quilt decoupage chair

Queen Bee DIY Paint

Queen Bee DIY Paint

I hope you give this project a try, let me know in the comments how you would apply the concept to your furniture 🙂

I’ll be linking up at Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture party this week!



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