Dollar Store Christmas Ornaments Transformed with Frozen Paint

and the Story of Bobby!

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This project was super fun and so easy!

Turn these simple, plastic ornaments into beautiful decorations that look like hand-carved, weathered-wood, to either give as gifts or keep for your own tree, without breaking your budget.

DIY ornaments unpainted

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as the funny story behind the mystery man in my videos, you can watch my YouTube VIDEO by clicking HERE. I reveal some funny details about my friend Bobby, who likes to stay behind the scenes. You’ll never see his face, but I hope to reveal his amazing heart and how he helped me & my business stay alive!

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For this project I used the following supplies:
weathered wood

Petticoat Pink DIY Paint

DIY Paint- Weathered Wood

DIY PaintMermaid Tail

DIY Paint- Mint Chip

DIY Paint- Bohemian Blue

DIY Paint- Old 57

DIY Paint- Petticoat Pink

DIY Paint- Dark Wax

DIY Paint – Clear Wax

Wax Brush

Cotton Rags

Putty Knife, Spatula, Rubber Squeegee or old credit card


I went to the dollar store to find affordable items to DIY for my house. I found these plastic ornaments that were 2/$.99!

DIY ornaments unpainted

Start by putting a base coat of Weathered Wood over the entire surface and allow to dry. DIY adheres to plastic, because it is clay-based.

DIY Ornaments paint1
Clay is the main ingredient in DIY Paint. If you let it sit out, it starts turning back into clay. You can pour it onto a plate and let sit out overnight or put the paint into the freezer until it thickens. Use a putty knife, spatula or old credit card to spread random layers of paint colors onto your surface.
DIY ornaments paint putty
Experiment with different colors and allow each coat to dry in between.
DIY ornaments paint2


DIY ornaments sand
After allowing to dry completely, sand back the layers to reveal all of the colors underneath.

DIY ornaments wax
Then begin to apply a mix of Clear and Dark Wax over the top, working into all the crevices and then wipe the excess wax off with a dry cloth.
DIY ornaments wax off
This sets the paint and brings all the colors to life.

Do you have a fun project using things from the .99 cent store? Share in the comments below.

Merry Christmas and Thanks for watching!


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