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    For this project you will need,
  • Aliene’s tacky glue
  • Plastic sandwich Wrap
  • Seaglass (you can find real sea glass at the beach or purchase craft simulated glass here)
  • Craft bowl these are the perfect size and shape
  • Sandpaper fine to medium grit.

    I hope you’re having a great summer! Mine has been crazy town so far! I’ve been working on lots of projects and exciting things that I can’t share with you yet, but if you follow me on Facebook you might have some clues.

My newest video was super easy to make once I got the first two fails out of the way…

I’ve seen bowls similar on Pinterest made out of buttons, glitter and vintage lace using this technique, so I thought even though no one had attempted to try sea glass it should work out just fine.

Here’s the video, you can see what happened for yourself.

Bobby collects sea glass, he has buckets full, he shared some of his prized pieces with me for this project AND he is giveaway some to the winner of my 35K giveaway too. Bobby is so awesome!


Here are some tips that I discovered during the trial and error process,

Use small pieces of sea glass, the lighter weight the better and stack the from the bottom up, the first time they slid down the bowl because I was working from top to bottom.

Use a glue that dries clear, my favorite is Aleene’s tacky glue, it will take several days to dry but it’s non toxic and very strong. I didn’t use an epoxy mainly because it’s has a slight foggy look when it dries and I wanted to avoid fumes. Iv’e had more luck with the durability of Aleen’s. I’ve used this glue to make a 12 foot by 8 foot seashell mirror for Extreme Makeover on ABC.

Use a lot of glue and keep in mind that the glue changes the frosted appearance of sea glass to clear, I was very careful to keep the glue  from getting on the outside edges of the glass as I wanted to keep the outside of the bowl frosty (the inside of the bowl looks like wet sea glass).

If you can’t find sea glass near you, the craft store carries faux sea glass, usually found in the floral section or you could try other items like seashells, buttons or beads! See my Pinterest board for inspiration.

how to make a sea glass bowl with plastic wrap and white glue


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If you try it out please tell them I sent ya!

I’ll be back with a fun new project next week!

Wishing you a creative day!



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