DIY Mermaid Ornaments & the Story About When The Sheriff Flagged Me Down

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Make these pretty Mermaid ornaments for less than $5 to give as gifts or for your tree, without breaking your budget.


For more detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as the story about what happened when the Sheriff pulled me over at my local thrift store, you can watch my YouTube VIDEO by clicking HERE.   You’ll never believe why the Sheriff pulled me over.

Gift-giving is one of my most favorite things about Christmas, but there was a season of my life and career that my budget could only afford hand-made gifts. I love to get creative and pick up things at the thrift stores and dollar stores and transform these ordinary low cost items into fabulous gifts.

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For this project I used the following supplies:

itKuPiLLiimaginarium Artwork from Etsy


Mod Podge




itKuPiLLlli Imaginarium is an artist on etsy. You can buy her artwork for 3.50 and print it out on your own computer.

etsy itKuPill artwork

After you purchase the images on on Etsy, download them onto your computer and then go to PicMonkey.com to crop and edit your image to the size you want your ornament to be. Once you adjust the size and color, download the edited version and print on basic, light-weight paper.

etsy itKuPill artwork2

etsy itKuPill artwork picmonkey

etsy itKuPill artwork picmonkey print

Cut out your image as close the edge as possible and then trace around it onto heavy cardboard or chipboard. I just used an old box that I had in the recycle bin.

etsy itKuPill artwork cut

etsy itKuPill artwork trace

Then cut the outline of the cardboard and glue each image down with Mod Podge or diluted white glue.

etsy itKuPill artwork glue

Trace each outline again onto scrapbook paper and glue it to the back of the cardboard for a more finished look.

mermaid ornament back trace

Then use a toothpick, white glue and glitter to add sparkle to the outer edge of each ornament.

mermaid ornament glitter

The last step is to embellish each mermaid with ribbon, rhinestones and old vintage jewelry. Let dry and hang onto your tree.

mermaid ornament embellishments

mermaid 1
mermaid 5
mermaid 6


Let us know if you make this project and post your photos and comments below!

Merry Christmas & thanks for stopping by,


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