Last summer my friend Bobby was taking a trip to visit his Family on the Oregon coast and he brought back a box of driftwood for me that was collected by several of his friends!
I have seen Christmas trees made from driftwood on Pinterest and I wanted to try making one for my YouTube channel I am so happy with the way the tree turned out! I added a new spin on the the project to make it look more organic which is shown in my video

I have some tips that may want to know if you plan to make your own driftwood tree.

It’s challenging to get all of the info across in a 3 minute video so here are some things that were not covered on Youtube…

I purchased a 6 foot piece of rebar at Home Depot, they are very inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes, mine was $4.00

We used approximately 150 pieces of driftwood to make this 6 foot tree ranging from 4 inches in length to 4 feet.

I have seen driftwood trees that are a foot tall all the way up to the size that I made and the smaller ones are wonderful too!

This tree took some time, and patience but the results are amazing! If you have access to driftwood this is a wonderful project to create. I numbered all of the pieces so that the tree can be taken apart and put back together every year.

You can find driftwood trees for sale at Restoration Hardware and other shops online, some of them are priced at 1200$ they are smaller and made without the extra branches on branches. the one that I made for my video is for sale in my shop for $800. the tree is signed and includes the starfish for the top of the tree. I am also have this tree posted in my online shop, please contact the shop or send me an email as the shipping will depend on where you are located. I have just one tree to sell, it’s one of those one -of -a kind projects. It took over a week to build this project, so once it’s sold it will be gone.

A starfish is the perfect tree topper! We carefully drilled into the bottom so that it sits at the very top.

Here are some tips that we learned along the way,

– lots of driftwood that I found was actually bamboo, bamboo will not work because it is hollow on the inside.
– collect more than you need because some pieces will crack when drilling.
– try to find driftwood with curves in it, this really makes the tree look interesting.
– using a nail gun makes this project a lot easier and reduces the likelihood of your branches cracking. (please follow the safety instructions as this tool can be dangerous if not used according to the instructions.)

If you would like to make these Beachball Christmas ornaments, all the details are in this video.

Have fun, please let me know if you decide to try one of these projects, I would love to post a photo of your work on my Facebook page!

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Thank you so much to all of you who have sent me encouragement, it has been one year since I began making DIY videos on Youtube and I am so grateful that you are watching!

Happy Holidays Everybody!

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