I have always loved snow globes! A few weeks ago I was looking at my craft supplies trying to drum up some Holiday inspiration and came across a box of tiny glass vials that I bought years ago but never used. I got that little spark that I know we all get when the creativity starts to flow and I grabbed my smallest Christmas trees that I just ordered from Consumer Crafts and put one inside the tiny jar!

I experimented and came up with a cute pendant that I made for my nieces! Here is my video tutorial!

Here is a list of places to buy the supplies,

tiny glass jars- Specialty Bottles , sometimes at the craft store and also on Amazon.
glycerin – I purchased mine at Michaels craft supply, it is mainly used for cake decorating and can also be found at grocery stores.
Jump rings, eye pins, bakers twine and necklace chain can all be easily found at any craft or jewelry supply store.

My head is literally swimming with ideas as to what else to put into the tiny snow globe, What would you put inside? leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Holiday Crafting!

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