Are you ready to jump though your laptop and start shopping yet? Yes? That is exactly what I wanted to do when I first discovered Cindy Dockins through the pages of Somerset Life Magazine. I opened up the magazine to discover the Land of Tarte -a once a month barn sale in Oregon City. Oh it took my breath away! I said to myself, Who is this Queen of all things beautiful and vintage? And who took such dreamy, not of this world, photographs? That would be Robin Laws of  Bird Tweets Photography. ( That’s Robin pictured below with her camera.) All of these incredible photos are her work. Visit Robin’s blog to see some of the most breath taking photography ever!
Robin Laws,
Photographer Extraordinaire!
As I read all about Cindy, I wanted to jump in my vehicle and hit the highway. I wanted  to see the Land of Tarte for myself, and fill my truck  to the brim with some of those beautiful vintage finds. Never in  my crazy, wild  dreams (and I do a lot of daydreaming, wishing, hoping and praying) did I imagine that This Queen from the north would be packing up her magic and coming all the way to Solana Beach to sell her rare goods at my very own Mermaid’s Mercantile!
This is Cindy, the Queen of Tarte herself!
The Queen’s barn. Isn’t it just magical?

Don’t you want to shop here? I know I do!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
 If you live anywhere even remotely close by, I suggest you hightail it over to the next Flea Market on June 26th and 27th for this rare opportunity and see what I am raving about for yourself. But wait! That’s not all! Yes, it gets better! Cindy is coming down with Joy Bayer (that’s Auntie Joy to you!) and Terri Brush! Two of her extraordinary gal pals, who are equally fabulous in their own right.
 How did this all happen you may be asking? Well, to know the whole story, you will have to first meet Terri and Joy. I will tell you all about these talented ladies, show you some photos of their over-the-top talent, and give you ALL the details on how I can we to be so blessed to have them at the next Mermaid’s Mercantile in my next post! (Tricky way to get you to come back eh?)
Stay tuned, more details very soon…

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