All that Glimmers….Is a Special All Day Event that will take place at The Mermaid Mercantile on Sunday June 27th. I would like to first introduce myself: I am one of the Mermaids that has been lost at Sea for the past several Mermaid Mercantile events…However I am back and ready to make a Big Splash! I am Jennifer Wiley located in East County San Diego. I will be bringing along some of my creations, which also currently can be viewed and purchased at “The Out of the Blue” but I will be also Hosting an Unusual Event that is perfect for these hard times with how the economy is. This is a Golden Event…that you have an opportunity to bring along any old,unwanted Gold,Silver or Platinum and we will Pay YOU Top Dollar Cash at this Event! So I am asking each of you to start your Treasure Hunt …Start looking in your jewelry boxes, drawers etc. and grab a small bag or box and start filling them up with anything you think you will never wear or use again…Here are some examples and ideas to get you started on your Treasure Hunt….
1. Earrings (including single earrings, sets and damaged)
Necklaces (including damaged or tangled)
Bracelets (including damaged or tangled)
Rings and/or class rings (including those with missing stones and damaged)
10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k gold items
Gold watches
Estate jewelry
Silver and gold coins
Silver serving sets (including incomplete sets) Make sure it reads 925 or Sterling Silver
Dental gold
And much more!
Now on your Hunt you may be thinking I am not sure if this is real…I suggest…throw it in your pile and bring it along with you and I will be Happy to test it for you while you Enjoy your stroll through the Mermaid Mercantile.
This is a perfect time to do some spring cleaning and you may find some unwanted treasures that you thought were not worth anything and turn them into some extra cash that was unexpected and have even more Fun and Shopping with your Extra Earnings at The Mermaid Mercantile!

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