Where do I begin? Friday afternoon a box of Today’s Vintage Magazine arrived. We were all super excited to see our shop featured on the cover! This great publication can be picked up at most antique stores up and down California and  Arizona. Rachel Luna and I worked really hard to create this cover shot at the editors request. Rachel took all of the photos (about 50 or so) When we were convinced that we had one or two that the publication would like, Rachel convinced me to put on the little hat and take pose for some goof ball shots in our vignette.  Well needless to say, the one with me and the tiny patriotic hat was the editors choice. When I got dressed that morning I put on red to get  in the spirit of the task of the day, but I was not intending to put myself in the photo thus, no makeup, and barely combed hair.  All said, we had a really nice write up inside the magazine and I will highlight some of what  Nicole Bissett wrote for you. On page 18 and 19 Nicole writes,

“…love for vintage and a passion for keep the environment clean is what makes this 44 year old, Solana Beach boutique owner tick. Debi Beard, owner of Out of the Blue, has loved collecting vintage since childhood. “as a teenager I was decorating with things found from yard sales” Beard said. ” I’ve always loved old houses, my great grandparents lived in a community where all the houses were restored and kept in their original condition. The neighborhood has never fallen apart. I just remember as a child, seeing the difference  between a tract house and an old house, and how there’s so much detail and beauty in things that were created before the inventin of the condominium.  Aside for her love of all things old, Beard is concerned with preserveing the environment. “especially now, with the economy the way it is, I really think it is important to use what we already have and ive things a second life,” Beard said. In business for 13 years now….. ( for the rest of the article please visit http://www.todaysvintage.com/)

It’s such a blessing to get this kind of press. And guess what? This is only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more updates! Until then, check out these pictures from June’s Mermaid’s Mercantile taken by Sweet Laura Christin . Thank you Laura for capturing our event in such a beautiful way!

Rachel Luna selling her cool vintage finds all day long she had about 1 doz pairs of these beautul baby shoes…. so dreamy……..
Valentina’s booth, filled with girly goodness!
Laura Zellers breath taking baby goods!
Gina of Lizzy B’s sold her fantastic jewelry made from vintage silver and typewrtier keys all day long.
Our new girl Frankie of Frankie and Julie has the hottest belt buckles!
Deb Hodge of Breathing Beside Us and beautiful Jane of Art Takes A Village are two of the most giving and talented ladies I have ever been blessed to know.
Stop me dead in my tracks! Marie Vollaire is the Queen of beautiful reupholstery. If you love Marie’s goods, come early, her work sells very quickly!
My sister Janina’s cupcakes… omg.. they are better than ANY cupcake I have ever had. (I have had my share believe me!)
We were blessed to have the Queen of Tarte come to our event all the way from Oregon,  along with Auntie Joy,   Here are just a few shot of their vignettes. These ladies are beyond talented and a huge inspiration to me. I am so grateful they came. So many of you were delighted by their goods.
On behalf of all the mermaids and the many customers who lined up to purchase your goodies We say thanks for coming to the MM!
Our new classroom and super fab cabinet that I got at ‘the mouse’ aka matilda’s mouse.
And finally a few shots of Terri’s soldering class. Terri Brush dazzled us with her knowledge and ability to make a difficult artform seem easy. (Only the experts can make it look easy and Terri is all that and more. Three days of all-day workshops. Just look at all the happy faces! I know that many of you did not get a chance to sign up for the workshop before they filled up -not to worry ! Terri will be back to teach again in the fall! Check her blog for updates.
Thank you all for a spectacular weekend! I am so gratful to see so many of you come out and support my hardworking vendors. They all work very hard and it is an honor to be surrounded by their talent and their passion. I still have more pictures to post…. there was just so much going on, I could not get them all in! Look for more photos and info about our next Flea market on July 25th and 26th!

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