Have you ever wanted to copy someone’s work but every time you tried, it was a hot mess??

I tried to copy a project from The Turquoise Iris but failed so many times. I was ready to give up. But then I got a call from a producer from a very, very BIG TV show. SUPER BIG! Major…like Oprah, but not Oprah. I was so excited when they told me what they wanted,

“ring, ring”….


“Hi Debi, this is the producer of **** in New York”

“Oh HI!!!”, I say nonchalantly as my heart starts racing!

“We love your videos and would love to have you on the show”.

Needless to say, I was really excited and was already planning what I was going to wear. But then, everything fell apart, just like my project.

To hear the rest of the story, watch the video below to find out what happened. You’ll laugh and cry, I promise.

If you are interested in recreating this look, here are some tips and information that are not in the video.

To create this project, you will need:

(*The amounts will vary depending on the size and type of your projects, but this is what I used for mine).

bohemian blue

Tip #1: Go to The Turquoise Iris and watch her video tutorials. She is the expert on this technique and goes into a lot more details than I do. Here is a photo of her latest piece. I think it looks like a Monet painting…what do you think?

Tip #2: Start with a piece that has never been painted. This makes it a lot easier to blend.

Tip #3: As, seen in the video, start in small sections. (ie: the way you might put on eye shadow, each eye at a time with your highlight color in the middle). In this project my highlight color was Mermaid tail.

mermaid tail

Tip #4: The putty knife is the secret weapon in this technique. The one I recommend has a beveled edge so you won’t scratch the surface. Use a light touch as seen in the video. There is no specific rules for this. This is your time to play.

Tip #5: You can use the water bottle to blend colors and reactivate dry paint. If you end up with an area that is not blended enough, you can spray the water to re-blend.

Here are some more close-ups on this project.

Have you ever tried to paint furniture with a putty knife or do you think you would ever try this method? If you do, please post a picture to Instagram with the #dothedionne so we can see your work.

Thanks for watching,


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