You may know that I found my biological father a few years ago through Facebook. Up until that day I had never even seen a photograph of him and basically knew very little about him. The image above was taken of me and the Dad who raised me.

The photo below was taken of me and my biological father, not long ago in Mexico.


At some point in  life most of us get to a place where we say shoulda, woulda, coulda.

One of my biggest regrets is not going to acting school, my absolute favorite thing to watch is,  Inside The Actor’s Studio.

I love learning about how films are made and how actors do their work. I daydream about being interviewed by James Lipton and imagine him asking me questions from his giant  stack of cards.

James, “who was your father?”

Me, “well one is a free spirit who traveled the world selling handmade pottery, an artist and a story teller”

The other, a jet engine mechanic, a conservative man who didn’t allow me to dance because dancing is sinful. ”

I dream on… pretending, that  I’m sharing with the audience how I prepared for my award-winning rolls.

In real life…

I attended UC Santa Barbara and studied political science… why? mostly because I was following a boy that I had a crush on… the other reason? I just didn’t know or understand my passion at 19 years old. I was raised in a wonderful family, but art and creativity were not major influences in my life growing up.

When I finally did meet the family from my father’s side I was excited to find out that many of them are, artists, actors, and entrepreneurs.

One member of my new family is attending film school in Prague!

This is my cousin Edoardo, can you see the family resemblance?


I like to live vicariously though this very talented young man!

Edoardo has  been working hard on an awesome film that he wants to produce, about a girl who documents her life by shooting video of her every move with her iPhone. Lol sounds kind of like me!

I want to help get the word out about Edoardo’s amazing project, and offer a free copy of my new e-book to the first 50 people who donate to his  crowd sourcing film project.

My book is written for artist’s who want to promote their work online, I share with you exactly how I attracted 21K  subscribers and over a million views on my youtube channel, with limited resources and know how.  Notice that the graphic below says 20k subscribers, I gained another 1k in the last few days since creating this image.

ebook promo

To get a free copy of my book, simply make a donation to Edorado’s project and leave a comment on his Facebook page that you were sent by me. Edoardo is taking donations in all price ranges so this is a chance to get my book at an awesome discount and help support a great project at the same time.

Of course not everyone can give financially but if you still want to help, you can still do so by simply sharing the link.

Watch and meet Edorardo for yourself, I think you’ll love his project and agree that he has a lot of talent to share.

Click the link here to make a donation.–2



My book will be available to purchase on May 1st. I wrote  this book because after a 20 year struggle to promote my business I finally found a way to share my message. I get emails, daily from artists and entrepreneurs  who are facing the same frustrations. The internet can seem overwhelming to those with limited tech skills and resources, but everyone with a small business needs to create an online presence in order to survive and grow. Just two years ago, I hated my computer, it would often bring me to tears and I could never even remember how to cut and paste, things have changed a lot for me, I think that If I can do it, anybody who really wants to can do it too. In this book i’ll be sharing exactly what worked for me and what did not.

The book will be for sale in just a few weeks!

I’ll see you soon with an awesome new video that’s just waiting to be posted!



If you want to read the story about how I found my Dad on Facebook, it’s right here

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