Jenny Doh comes to share her day with Deb Hodge of myself and Linda Carpenter  of
 Jenny Doh, the creative force behind and former Editor-in-Chief of Stampinton publications surely understands how to find and then create something wonderful, beautiful and poweful from her discoveries. 
For so many years I would search the magazine racks hoping to find inspiration and craft ideas that were artistic and beautiful. I never quite found what I was looking for until Jenny gave us Somerset Life …. a magazine. like no other, I look forward to every issue like a great dessert,with each turn of the page, you can’t help but wonder how such magnificent beauty comes together, to be a fly on the wall during the photo shoots, the meetings where the decisions get made, who’s work will be published? Who will be on the cover? How does it all come together?  to be the one to open all the boxes ,to unwrap the submissions … to see and touch each labor of love… must be heaven on earth!
when Deb hodge emailed to tell me that I was going to meet Jenny Doh and she was coming to visit my store, I think I just sat at my desk in a fog for about 20 minutes……
Sunday…. the day before Jenny’s visit I swept, dusted  and re-dusted every  nook-n-crany in my shop, then I obessed a little over the each item, where it was placed, how it was displayed. finally I left my store at 10:30 pm satisfied that everything was pretty and perfectly placed.
Monday morning Jenny arrives …. darling vintage dress and cute black Mary- Jane heels.
She is all you would imagine her to be, professional, kind, gracious, creative and passionate about Art and the stories behind the artist’s. Jenny has left stampington in good hands to pursue her new passion,
As we all await Crescendoh’s launch on March 1st I had the chance to ask Jenny to tell us more…
Crescendoh is going to be about the Stories behind Artist’s , how art saves, heals and inspires. ‘Art for Good’ is Jenny’s vision to give back to our communities and charities around the world. 
As I listened to Jenny describe her vision and desire to tell the stories of others  I thought about how much I wanted to hear her story… She graciously shared some of her insights and experiences with me, which only sparked more questions, I  asked just a few though I had many. As Jenny shares the stories and continues to bring us beauty, art and inspiration, My hope is that she will tell us some of her stories too
. For those of us who work with our hands, for those who help support their families with their talent, for those who MUST  create,  For those who love Handmade, we wait… and we  say thank you Jenny for all you have already done,  and  for all of the hard work that lies ahead, Thank you in advance. Art Saves indeed!

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