Today I’m sharing eight awesome DIY’s from my crafty friends on the inter-webs!

8 great

Every Thursday I’ll be posting a crafty car pool of creative goodness right here!  I feel like I need a better name for this, what do you think it should be called?

Let me know in the comments what you would name this weekly post, cuz it’s past my bedtime and somehow I’m thinking, crafty car pool is not going to sound so genus in the morning.

This is the line up!


My crafty hero, Mark Montano’s awesome thrift store side table makeover!


Margot and Avalon Potter are whipping up super cute BFF earrings over at the I Love to Create blog! 


Neon friendship bracelets by Cathy Attix for I love to Create!


5 minute gold glitter candle by Cathie and Steve!

Super cute infinity scarf from!

Adorable tie-dyed onesies from The Crafty Chica at Spoonful!

The cutest glittered mugs from Jader Bomb!

And just in case you missed my birthday cake letters…..

Ok it’s off to bed for me I have a new video to film in the AM, we have been working on this one since Christmas… lets just say I learned how to use a chain saw, here’s a sneak peek!

Can you guess?

Wishing you a crafty good day!



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