Claire Marie here, I’m Debi’s assistant.

 Because there is so much going on these days, Debi has asked me to contribute to the blog with news on the shop and updates on her projects. Considering my position, I’m privy to inside scoop, and totally willing to play papparazzi for you all. Sounds fun. I’ve always been an artist, and am inspired daily with what Debi is creating. I can’t wait to share all that goes on in between videos.

I had escaped telemarketing and was on my way to cornering the pet-portrait market when I discovered House Vintage, about a year and a half ago.

Immediately, I fell in love with the adorable vintage shop and everything in it, including Debi and her Design Diary.

It’s Heaven for me, everyday is something new- here are some signs Debi had me paint around House Vintage:









I’ve managed now to progress through the ranks of Cashier and Painter to Teacher to Graphic Designer:

Debi on Stage

and now Director of Social Media- watch out.  It’s so much fun to see Debi’s creative process, and now, as Executive Director of Graphics and Social Media, I get to share all that behind-the-scenes goodness with you! You’ll get more updates because and about how Debi’s elbow deep in glitter again, or she just dragged in who-knows-what to transform next. Everybody wins.

Also, as Manager and Executive Director of Events/Promotions/Sales/Graphics/Social Media and PR, I pretty much run the painting class schedule, and can answer any questions regarding the classes, take suggestions on future workshops, and offer assistance in registering for a class or placing paint orders. Speaking of paint orders, we just received a HUGE shipment from CeCe Caldwell’s, including the much anticipated metallic waxes!!

Come into House Vintage today to see the newest selection of products and paint colors, including Kahui Coral, and Minnesota Pink Lady Slipper. And sign up for the e-newsletter for Debi’s latest videos and new class schedules. Thanks for reading!

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