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This week, I shrunk photos of my friends and family to fit inside glass ornaments and created tiny winter wonderlands with miniature trucks, trees, ice skating ponds, snowmen and miniscule accessories from the doll house supply shop.

I really like how these came out, I’m thinking they could be great gifts for all the peeps on my list this year.

Here’s the video,

For this project I used handblown glass orbs that are typically used as terrariums for plants, and I found a bunch of fun items at the  model train shop and the doll house shop.

In San Diego, we have Ms Peggie’s Place and the Whistle Stop shop, both places are amazing and have been in business for a very long time. I love little miniature novelties and I spent hours looking at everything they had in both shops. I also’s purchased some items at the craft store , and the snow/tile adhesive came from my local hardware store.


If you don’t have a model train store or a dollhouse supply store in your area I am sure you can purchase these goods online and if you don’t want to hunt around for all the stuff I put some basic kits together so you can get started right away and make some in time for this Christmas.

I have a limited supply, 24 kits you can see the details and purchase them in my online shop,  just click HERE.

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Here are a few that I made for the video,



This one is my assistant Claire on a tiny frozen pond made from a piece of mirror that was broken, I created the ice-skating lake and then discovered that I didn’t have  photos of anyone ice-skating so I took a snapshot of Claire in my parking lot and she Photoshoped ice skates on to her feet.



The snowman in this photo was made from three Styrofoam balls stacked on to a toothpick as seen in the video.


This one is my favorite, I took this snapshot of my dad, the day he bought his new truck, I found this little vintage truck at the model train supply store then I added the Christmas lights and the tiny posts from the doll house store.

I made this one was by mixing the tile grout and the sand together to make a warm weather winter wonderland.


As shown in my video, print two images back to back and glue them together with a toothpick in between both layers ,so  you can stick  the photos into the sand/ snow and place them inside the ornament.

I shot this pic of my niece and her surfboard a few weeks ago, on her birthday, isn’t she the cutest?




Please send photos to my Instagram or Facebook account if you make some of these so I can share them!

Happy Holidays,



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