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This weeks video Is a project I have made every year for the last 20 years!

Back in college these ornaments helped with my tuition.

I should say, way wayyy back in 1989, I’d pack  my beater car  to the brim with  100’s of seashell ornaments and excitedly take them to a craft fair…

I’d pour my heart into the display,  hauling in a 50 pound sack of sand to use as a beachy prop  for my table.

The doors would open and I would excitedly anticipate the reaction of the shoppers,

and this is what they’d say…

“seashells on a Christmas tree??”

Heavy sigh,  surprisingly very few people had  ever thought about using seashells as ornaments 20 years ago, this  was before Coastal Living Magazine and  the coastal decor trend.

” It’s Christmas California style”  that’s what i’d tell them,

some would buy them on the spot and others would have to walk away and think about it…

They almost always came back , and I usually sold out, but it wasn’t an easy sale, I guess I was ahead of the trend.

Soon I was selling ornaments to hundreds of accounts across the country, glueing and tying bows from 7 o’clock in the morning until Letterman said, “good night”.

Now I’m going to share how I make them with you.

I hope you’re inspired to make some of your own.
Tomorrow, (November 19th) I’ll be adding a bunch of  pretty seashells and supplies to my online shop.

I’m also teaching a  seashell ornament class at my shop on November 23rd. Call us (858 755-7630) or visit the class schedule to sign up!


Here are some of the basic supplies that I like to use, but there are so many substitutions that will also work well,


I sell the rhinestone chain  online HERE ,

The vintage jewels are easy to find at yard sales, flea markets and estate sales.

Look for broken pieces of jewelry, which are usually more affordable and perfect for this.




I used a pearl vintage earring for the top of this sea urchin,


and a broken pearl necklace for the scallop shell.


These are just a few, there are so many possibilities to make.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks project,  what is your favorite ornament to create?

Please send me a photo of what you are working on, I would love to share on my Facebook page!



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