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seashell flower DIY
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Here’s a list of products used to make this Seashell Necklace along with links to purchase:

*pink cup seashells

*rhinestone button

*beaded chain


*back piece jewelry finding

*hot glue gun

*E-6000 glue

 *toggle clasp

*jump rings

If you don’t want to purchase everything individually I have a kit with everything you need to make this pretty necklace. you can find this along with several other craft kits in my store, click here to shop!

I’ve made a lot of seashell projects over the years, I love making these pretty flowers. In addition to jewelry, they are beautiful adhered to picture frames and seashell mirrors.

Here is the quick video tutorial,

A few details not included in the video,

Keep in mind that seashells are fragile, I wouldn’t suggest swimming, or doing any kind of athletics while wearing this piece.
If you do end up with a broken shell it is easy to remove with pliers and replace.

Tools used, needle nose jewelry pliers and wire cutters. The link provided is an all in one,


I hope you give this a try!


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