I ‘ve made a lot of crafts in my days, this one was truly fun and surprisingly easy! I always love the thrill of transforming something unexpected, what a change! You might never guess these pretty goodies used to be plastic bulbs form the 99 cent store!

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I started with a big tub of plastic ornaments that I found at The Dollar Store .

I chose plastic because they are almost indestructible, as you can seen the video when I drop them and they bounce all over my floor!

For this project I used,

A variety of Iron Orchid decorative moulds there are several designs!

My favorite is this one! I have over a dozen but I didn’t order this one yet and now I think I need it too!

You can use different types of clay or even a resin for jewelry making. I used paper clay because it can be removed before it dries and made to fit on a curved surface.

The paper clay is very durable and easy to remove from the moulds. You might get a few cracks, in the process, if this happens you can ball up the clay and start again easily. I really like the cracks as I think they add even more character and texture.

This ornament was my favorite, I really liked the beautiful cracked effect.

I painted this one in the color Skeleton Key.

skeleton key
DIY paint will adhere well to plastic , the clay base makes it easy to create texture simply by painting in several directions as I show in the video.

You can see all of the texture and it also creates low spots for the dark wax to settle into.

You can create a completely different look with white wax over a dark color.

I painted this one with Black Velvet and then added White Wax

 White wax over a dark color is a fun and easy way to create a weather wood finish.

I hope you give this project a try! there are so many fun uses for the moulds by Iron Orchid Design.  The products are sold in many counties! You can find a retailer near you by clicking here.

We have added so many new DIY Paint retailers, our map is filling up! To find one near you click HERE.

And to see the entire line of decor moulds, furniture stamps, transfers  and other fun goodies by Iron Orchid visit Prima Marketing.

Do you have favorite?

Let me known the comments!

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!





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