We are so excited kick off DIY Video Camp!

I’ve been dreaming about a step by step workshop, walking you through the process of creating engaging and entertaining videos for YEARS!

In order to offer the best small group experience, we have limited this camp to just 16 people, BUT we are also offering an online version that can accommodate more students! . this camp is small and personal so we can meet your needs if you are a brand new beginner or have been making videos already.

Tickets to Video Bootcamp are available here- https://diyagogo.com/products/video-boot-camp?_pos=1&_sid=a440940e7&_ss=r

What is Video Bootcamp?- It’s a step by Step, four day workshop, walking you through how to create an awesome DIY video from start to finish! We will provide you with a piece of furniture to paint, basic supplies and detailed coaching so that by the end of camp you will have a finished video to post and share to our watch party!

If that’s not all, Dionne of The Turquoise Iris will be teaching how to run an awesome live on multiple platforms on Thursday!

Dionne will share tips for creating a fun live session and tell how this has become one of the most popular segments on her channel.

“Well Debi, I don’t like getting on camera, I’m tech challenged and shy!” So was I friend, so was I… If I can do this anybody can, and I’ll be here waving pom poms, showing you exactly how I do it.

A strong YouTube Channel is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, connect with your customers and increase sales. My business changed dramatically after I started my Youtube channel in 2012. To this day, making a videos has been a life line that has saved my business during the pandemic, my sales quadrupled during the world wide shutdown… BECAUSE of VIDEO!

Here are the details,

When: Sept 7 – 10, 2021

Where: DIY- a Gogo (1055 S.Coast HWY Encinitas, CA) & DIY Paint Headquarters (Solana Beach, CA)

My amazing team will be here to make sure every question is answered for all campers be it in person or online!

 What to Bring: Laptop – Mac preferred with iMovie or Final Cut already downloaded

Phone or camera for filming

Tripod, Earbuds/Headphones, and Microphone (optional)

 Paint Brushes, paint clothes and any extras you may want for your video project such as, transfers, stencils decoupage, stamps etc.

*If you don’t have a laptop we will provide training on how to edit with an iphone.

We will be sharing how to edit from your phone for those who don’t have a laptop.
To get the most out of camp a laptop is encouraged but not mandatory. We will ONLY be using iMovie/ final cut for editing. If you plan to use other software we will be sharing many tips that will help you understand, creating an outline for video, when and where to cut, how to edit and place clips, voice over, using music to enhance video & more! However the actual button pushing process will only be taught on final cut and iMovie.

Provided: Pre packaged Snacks & Beverages ( due to covid, we can only provide pre packaged beverages and snacks. Not even coffee ugh!

There are many great restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores near by to keep you fueled. We are located in a fun beach town a back from the ocean.

Once registered you will be added to a private Facebook group so you can connect with campers, collaborate and plan your housing details.

 Please note -Meals are not included; Lodging is not included; Airfare & Transportation are not included

Day 1 Getting Started with Video

8-10:30 AM First Session w/ Debi at Encinitas Classroom & Live streaming in Private Group (Encinitas): how to set up camera, what to film, capturing a variety of angles, product close ups and B Roll.

11-12:00 PM Shopping the Boneyard a haven of vintage furniture and junk! (Solana Beach) In person campers will select furniture item & smalls;

( You will earn points prior to camp, to purchase your items) Begin painting furniture and start the filming process for your video.

In person students will be given paint and finishes, each student must bring their own brushes, and other embellishments such as transfers, stamps, stencils etc. If desired. Online students will need to have supplies ready, so they can create along with us at home.

* online students will need to have a piece of furniture and supplies ready to film.

12-1:00pm Lunch – Get B roll!

1-6:00pm Filming & Painting furniture (Solana); Live Q&A and coaching – StreamYard live session pulling up students to ask questions and personal coaching for in person campers.

6:00pm Bring finished furniture piece from Solana Beach  to DIY aGoGo, Wrap up for the day.

Day 2- Getting in front of the camera and photo staging

8-10:00am Debi/Classroom & Live (Encinitas): Workshop on Staging, Photography & Narration (Live and in person.) this session will break down how to be your best authentic self on camera and make lasting connections with your viewers. Each student will have access to a staging area to photograph their piece for their video and thumbnail.

10-11 Session with Dionne Woods on how to run a live from Facebook, instagram and your Youtube channel. (live and in person) Livesare a great way to sell items from your shop, keep viewers coming back and build an online community !

11:00-7::00pm Campers head to Solana Beach: Paint smalls as a team AND Encinitas:

1 Team at a time – 30 minute private session with Debi/ getting in front of the camera for Narration coaching + 30 min Staging & Photography  (each camper will have a set appointment time) online students will be able to watch the process as a one hour session via live stream. *We will be live from Encinitas for online students at 1PM and again from Solana Beach with Canice at 3PM

12-1:00pm Lunch – Get B roll!

7:00pm Bring finished smalls to DIY a Gogo & then rest up for next day!

Day 3 Editing!

8-12:00 pm Debi/Classroom & Live session (Encinitas): Bring your laptop! We will walk you through creating an awesome intro to kept your viewers watching through the entire video. We will be sharing how to edit clips to keep the video moving, and how to add VoiceOver.

. You will be editing in this session , we will be there to help!

12-1:00pm Lunch

1-6:00pm Debi/Classroom & Live (Encinitas): Bring your laptop! there’s more!

This session will cover editing, adding music, creating a great Thumbnail, End cards and Uploading.

After class– upload you video to your Youtube channel for the watch party! We will be sharing all completed videos in our watch party play list and streaming them in our store all day on Saturday for the grand finale event!

Here are some pics from bootcamps past…

Day 4- Finish up Edits and anything that needs finishing

Leading up to this, you and your team members will have been promoting your progress and inviting viewers to come shop your website/shop both in person or online! As a team you will collect & keep all funds from your sales on market day!

11-5 pm Market Day at DIY aGogo

Hope to see you at camp!

Please note, no refunds will be given for cancelations, you may sell you ticket to someone else but we can not sell your ticket for you.

*We will be following safety protocol during this event, please bring a mask, tempatures will be taken each morning. Thanks for your cooperation.

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