Personalized Wire Word Jewelry Anthropologie knock off.

word jewelry


Make this Anthropologie knock-off for about $8, using wire and embroidery floss. This is an easy DIY if you know a few simple tricks.

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Here’s a list of the products I used to make these fun necklaces along with the links to purchase each item or you can buy a kit with everything included, as seen below, for an easy craft project:

Embroidery Floss Assorted Colors (As mentioned in the video, I found that these thinner ones worked much better than the thicker chords, but feel free to experiment and find what works best for you).

6-8″ of 18-20 gauge soft wire (per word) works best.

Needle Nose Pliers

jump rings


Liquid Patina (*optional)


I have put all this together in a kit for you complete with written instructions and a QR Code to the video. You can purchase this as a gift or as a fun project for yourself by clicking HERE.

craft kits from Debi's Design Diar

Here’s a link to the video and I’ve also included some extra tips not mentioned in the video below:

Extra tips:

Start with a small loop in the wire to tie a knot with the embroidery floss to the wire.

wire word 3

Begin to wrap the floss around the wire, while occasionally pushing it back tightly until you cover the entire piece of wire.

wire word 4

Once you’ve reached the end, create another loop in the wire and tie a second knot to keep the embroidery floss from unraveling.

Next, write out your word of choice on a piece of paper to use as a guide. (Easy words are simple 3-5 letter words and more advanced words contain more letters and more materials, as well as words that contain “i’s” and “t’s”).

Then begin to gently shape your word with the pliers, while being careful not to over-stress the wire as it can break easily. The soft wire is made specifically for projects just like this. You can shape without the need for pliers, however, you need to remember to be gentle as it can break if bend too much or overworked to aggressively.

wire word 5

Upon completing your word, place a jump ring on each side, in the loops and attach to your chain of choice.

wire word jewelry

At this point, you can choice to be finished, or if you feel you want to solidify the word and keep it from losing shape, you can dip it into our Liquid Patina, slightly diluted in water and let air dry.

Crystal Clear Chandelier DIY Liquid Patina

how to make wired word je


This was really fun to make, what words would you choose?



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