How to make ornaments from broken furniture

This weeks video makes good use of a pile of misfit furniture that I have in my stash and all over my workshop.   This pile of pretty scraps  reminds me of the island of misfit toys, but instead of dolls with missing limbs it’s chairs with missing legs, tables that are cracked, dressers with out drawers, and the list goes on…

In my imagination  I hear the furniture talking to me,”  I used to be so elegant  now look at me…. please won’t you help me? I’ve still got potential!” 

debi furniture0.03 PM


Of course being the hoarder type, I never throw these things away and if I happen to be driving by some haggard piece of lonely furniture on the side of the road, you know I’m going to stop and put it in my car, I can’t help it.

furniture ornament

Here is just a small pile of what I am talking about…


This fun and quick video shows step -by- step how to make these for your tree and how I put my hoarder ways to good use…

The video shows how easily you can distress paint with a damp cloth, this, in my opinion is better than sand paper for showing off the tiny details you find in turned woodwork. I’m so excited that DIY Paint is the perfect product to get this look!

paint plus love

It’s sold nation wide! to find out where to find products in your area check out our map of retailers.

The next project up to tackle is my kitchen, i just moved in, love all the white but the paint is latex


Should I update with some color or just repaint in white?

Here are the final five ornaments I made for the video, I wish I had time to make enough to fill up an entire tree they are so much fun to make and once you get started you don’t want to stop!



What about you, do you have a pile of broken furniture or am I the only one? Hmmm…. something tells me I’m not.

Leave a comment,  I’d love to know what kind of goodies you have stashed away, I really want to know, I love to live vicariously through other peoples junk!

Hope you are taking time to enjoy the Holidays!



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