DIY paint comes is no-VOC, highly pigmented and comes in 27 beautiful colors. We currently have over 70 retailers ready to help you create beautiful projects through out the US and girl collage smallerThis sweet chair is done in Hey Sailor, and Fancy Farm Girl, then wet distressed and finished with white wax.

color story

we believe that everyone has a story, what’s yours?fancy farm girl qt7 new colors chart

Our pallet can be mixed and layered to create a variety of new shades and each container has a QR code on the back that links to an instructional video.

marquee collage

dark wax easyIn most cases DIY dark wax can be put on without applying clear wax firstscan the canThere are many options with our pallet, colors can easily be mixed, pastels can be created by adding one of our whites and top coats can deepen or change the look of the finish.

mermaid it's whats for dinner

bohemian chair collage

Bohemian Blue over Mint chip and Queen Bee.

weathered wood layers

layer our neutrals and greiges to get the look of old oxidized wood…

vintage linen collage a beautiful creamy white over a grayish warm neutral…

mint chip and petticoat pink collagePetticoat Pink under Mint Chip, finished with dark wax.

mermaid collage with text

_MG_0080Seaglass a beachy blue with a hint of green…

carnival red collage

sample jarsour sample jars are 8oz, this will cover a small side table or chair sometimes more…black velvet can side

Black Velvet, a soft rich fancy black

apothecary collage
DIY paint add layers  DIY paint is easy to layer and distress, no sandpaper needed, just a clean damp cloth.

petticoat pink collage

dresser that was saved

Add a few layers or every color in the pallet…

old 57 collageWe have a variety of finishing options, try liquid patina, three different waxes and decrepit dust…

clear patina new jar

liquid patina is a no- VOC brush on/ wipe on top coat that dries to a hard finish and has the beautiful low sheen look of wax…

new dark patina packagingDIY offers traditional low VOC waxes and Liquid patina, a wax alternative.  Wait 24 hours after applying paint then brush on or rub on with a staining pad. Liquid patina dries quickly and has a very durable low sheen finish.metallic patina #2We now offer metallic patinas and a water based primer, made for bleed through.salvation solution collage #2siiver lining

DIY waxes

DIY waxes come in three finishes. They are very soft, low VOC and fast drying!

decrepit dust pic monkeyDIY Decrepit dust is perfect for a subtle aged look, especially over pale colors when dark wax can be too intense.

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queen bee collage

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