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How to glitter upholstery without cracking or glitter rubbing off with Mod Podge

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Here’s a list of products used to create this chair and links to purchase.

Mod Podge or Clear Patina… I used Mod Podge in the video, but since then I found out that our own DIY clear patina is a Decoupage, transfer gel and top coat all in one! It’s great product to keep on hand, I love multi purpose items!

Glitter– any glitter will work, the finer grit the better, my favorite is Martha Stewart, for this size project an 4.5 oz container is enough to cover with several coats.

Paint, For best results paint your chair first in a color similar to the glitter you want to use, a chalk type works well because it is soft, water your paint down and work it into the fibers of the fabric. Hers a link to the color I used, Sandy Blonde I have a tutorial showing how to do this, Click Here.

Sponge brush I like to use these for project that require applying mod lodge or a glue type of substance as they are disposable.

Purdy Brush I love this for getting a nice smooth finish, this is a great tool for working the paint into the fabric before adding glitter and patina/ Mod Podge.

Rhinestone chain this is optional, I thought it was the perfect final touch.

Let me start off by saying I took over 500 pictures of this chair, and I’m not exaggerating. I’m learning how shoot in manual mode, so I can improve the quality of my photographs. Capturing the magic of this chair had some unique challenges, most photographs are taken in the shade to avoid harsh shadows, when I put this chair in the shade all the sparkly goodness disappeared into the camera lens and when I tried to photograph it in the sun where it would shimmer and dance, the shadows were too distracting. I finally decided to photograph the entire chair in the shade and capture some the sparkly goodness by shooting close-ups of it in full sun.

how to glitter upholstery

how to glitter furniture

 furniture with mod podge

I had so much fun shooting the video for this tutorial, of the 40 DIY video’s I’ve posted to YouTube so far, this has got to be one of my favorites!

Here are some tips not mentioned in the video…
-be sure to use a fine glitter, the Martha Stewart brand works really well, if you use a a large grit it will be scratchy when you sit on it.

glitter upholstery with Mod Podge or clear patina

I was surprised to find that I only needed a small amount of glitter, before I started I thought that I would need several jars, because of my first attempt, which was a total mess, I used a ton of glitter that didn’t stick and went on patchy. This method was so much easier and big surprise, I only used about half a container of Martha Stewart’s largest size. ( 4.58 oz)

sandy blonde
DIY Paint, color- Sandy Blonde– Here are some screen shots from the video, It’s important to mix the glitter in until it’s smooth, no clumps, mine was about half and half glitter and Mod Podge. also it’s best to work in the shade or a cool area so the Mod Podge doesn’t dry too quickly. Add a final coat of Mod Podge or clear Patina over the top, this time with out glitter mixed in to seal it all up. The chair is very flexible, it never cracked or chipped and most importantly the glitter did not come off and create a mess.

screen shot of glitter chair v

– what you don’t see in the video is the first chair I attempted to glitter, it was a total disaster and I learned the hard way. I covered my first chair completely with glue and then dumped glitter all over it, the glitter didn’t stick and my house was a sparkly mess, and to top it all off, the chair was painful to sit on because I used the wrong kind of glitter 🙁 I wish I had a photo, it was so bad!

I hope that this post sparks a glitter frenzy and you all can benefit from my mistakes. If you end up creating a glitter project please let me know so I can post it on my Facebook page!

If you have any photography tips for me, please post them in the comments, I would love to hear them. I’m actually a little frustrated with the learning process right now.

I hope your day is glittery!
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