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If you’re like me, on a budget, with limited time, easy last-minute gift ideas can be a life saver.  Make about a dozen of these in one afternoon for under $20, all of the supplies were purchased at the thrift store! You might even be surprised to find that you have the items needed to whip these up, in your closet!

For this project you will need three things,

– Sweaters that you don’t mind cutting up, I found mine at Goodwill for three dollars, look for chunky sweaters or the cable knit type, with long sleeves if possible.

-Bangle bracelets, they can be plastic, wood or metal, I found several at the thrift store, also look at stores like H&M and Claire’s I found a bunch in the dollar bin.

-Costume jewelry, broken pins, necklaces anything with a little bling, I even used one of the sparkly gems that fell off my flip-flop last summer.

-Fabric glue, I really like fabric tack, but there are several great brands to choose from.

Here’s the video, super easy, cheap and cheerful, give them to your friends and family… They might even think you got them at Anthropologie 🙂


As shown in the video you can also use yarn to wrap your bracelets and give them a warm and cozy look! I  wrapped in a strand of pom-poms, you can use so many fun trims to doll up the bangles. If you want a clean simple look, these bracelets are super pretty with just the sweaters alone. If you want to add the sparkle you can purchase the rhinestone chain here in my online shop

Here are  photos of the ones I made. I seriously want to make another dozen they were so much fun! One of my viewers suggested that the same technique could be used on headbands I love that idea!


I hope you are enjoying the holiday preparations, I am just getting started on mine… and that’s pretty typical for me.

All of my gifts will be handmade this year, mostly because I’m on a budget,  It would be fun to go crazy and buy everyone some awesome presents,  but that’s ok, I’m grateful that I have something to give.

Are you making anything handmade this year?

Wishing you a warm and Happy Holiday!



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